You’ve surely been there — you get into bed after a long day, reach for that tiny drawer on its side, take out your favorite toy, and play until you see stars. But did you know that you can take things to the next level and get paid to test sex toys?

If you’d like to find out more, keep reading. We’ll answer the following questions:

What Is a Sex Toy Tester?

A sex toy tester is exactly what it sounds like — you get paid to test and review sex toys.

The testing and reviewing often happen before a toy hits the market. That way, companies can use the feedback to improve the toys and sort out any potential kinks.

However, you can also get paid to test popular toys. You’ll have a chance to do that if you run a sex blog or get a job at a company looking specifically for testers and reviewers.

Now, you can get paid to test sex toys in two different ways. The first (and most common) one is to get a free sex toy and send your feedback in return — there’ll be more on that later.

The second is a bit rarer, as it involves a company giving you a one-time payment to try out a toy. In most cases, offers like these go out to popular creators, whether on OnlyFans or a different platform.

What Types of Toys Can You Test?

Although the mention of sex toys gets most people thinking of dildos and vibrators, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Essentially, you can get paid to test pretty much any sex toy out there.

So, you can have some fun with vibrating wands, try out couples’ toys with your partner, or test your boyfriend’s stamina with cock rings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also explore the world of weirder and kinkier toys and accessories. They range from oral sex candy to doll-hand nipple clamps, so you might have a chance to learn something new, too.

Of course, if the stranger stuff freaks you out, you’ve got every right to stick to more conventional products. Only ever accept and try toys that you are fully comfortable with.

Requirements for Becoming a Sex Toy Tester

While most folks will make the cut, not just anyone should consider this line of work. Admittedly, each company will have its own terms, but you’ll generally need to:

  • Enjoy masturbation and orgasm
  • Be a legal adult (18+ years old)
  • Be open to new bedroom experiences
  • Be willing to write about personal, potentially taboo subjects

That being said, some manufacturers may request you to be a US resident, take pics or videos, and so on. To make sure that you click, always take a good look at their policies and the ads you apply for.

How to Become a Sex Toy Tester

There are several ways to break into sex toy testing. You can:

  • Reach out to sex toy companies and offer your services
  • Find ads for sex toy tester jobs online
  • Start a sex blog and contact companies about a collab

Let’s do a deep dive into each one.

Contacting Sex Toy Companies

The most common type of sex toy testing consists of companies sending out free products in exchange for reviews. Considering how pricey most sex toys are, it’s more than a fair exchange.

Most of the time, reaching out to companies is simpler than a foot fetishist when you take your shoes off. A bunch of them already have a Testers Wanted section on their websites, so yours is just to apply.

And if you can’t find one, you can always email their customer service and ask about any open positions.

To explain how the whole process works, we’ll take The Wow Tech Group and Lovehoney, two sex toy juggernauts, as examples.

Testing Toys for The Wow Tech Group

If you’re into sex toys at all, you’ve probably heard about Womanizer and WeVibe goodies. Well, you can actually get them for free in exchange for some honest feedback.

Every once in a while, the company opens a worldwide job listing for sex toy testers. Currently, their team is over 1,000 members strong, and they all get free toys to try every month.

As a sex toy tester, you’d need to fill out an extensive survey about your experience once you’re done playing. Everything is 100% anonymous, and your survey answers will be kept private.

Currently, the company only offers free sex toys as payment, even if you are a famous influencer. Still, it’s a great deal if you know you’ll enjoy the toys anyway.

If you’d like to sign up for the Wow MasturbaTEAM, you can do it here.

Testing Toys for Lovehoney

The innocently-named Lovehoney call themselves the sexual happiness people. If you ever used one of their toys, you know that they put quite a bit of emphasis on the happiness part.

That’s where you come in — you can help test their products and ensure that all users are, ahem, satisfied.

With hundreds of toys in their catalog, the Lovehoney team is always looking for new testers. Aside from those, they also send out packs with different lubes and other accessories you can try.

If you get into their testing team, you’ll receive a package every week. So, you get a gift while they receive feedback that can help them make the user experience better.

The main requirement for joining is that you already own some Lovehoney toys and have left reviews for them on the site. The tester recruitment team goes through the reviews every day, and they pick those that catch their eye.

In other words, your review has to be well written, catchy, and fun. If the team likes it, they’ll message you and offer you a job as a tester.

In contrast to The Wow Group, Lovehoney does pay all testers in more than just toys. Still, the sum is not nearly enough to make testing sex toys your main gig (more on that a bit later).

At first, you’ll only be able to test the toys that are already out. But if you’re a good girl (or boy) for a month or two, you might get to review some secret stuff that’s still in the works.

Generally, you’ll receive toys that the company chooses. However, you should also add toys to your public Wishlist, as the team regularly checks them to make your fantasies come true.

To find out more about the process and the requirements, click here.

Finding Job Listings Online

Although most companies are open to messages and inquiries, not all of them constantly seek testers. Instead, they release job listings whenever they have openings.

Therefore, a good way to find a job as a tester is to google keywords such as sex toy testers wanted, sex toy tester, or sex toy reviewer job.

You can filter the search by geographical area if you want to find local companies, but most listings are open worldwide.

Another option is to find a bunch of sex toy brands and follow all their socials. They’ll surely post about any open positions for testers and reveal any other important info at some point.

If you choose to find a job this way, your compensation will depend on the company. Some might give you free toys or store credit, while others will offer you money.

Collaborate With Brands as a Creator

With the previous options, testing sex toys typically won’t be more than a side hustle. Even if you do get paid, you’ll probably still need a full-time job to cover all your costs every month.

However, if you are an influencer, porn star, cam girl, or enjoy another kind of fame, things are a bit different.

To be specific, a bunch of sex toy companies collaborate with big names on different social media platforms. They pay them for reviews, send them goodie bags with products, and sponsor their content.

But there is a catch — to be eligible for a collab, you have to be at least somewhat popular. In other words, getting paid to test sex toys this way won’t be feasible for newbies.

Still, it’s a road you can take if you’re willing to lay down some groundwork.

For instance, you can make a name for yourself selling homemade porn or your sex tape. Another good option is to look into how you can make money on Pornhub or XVideos using all the sex toys that you get for reviews.

Getting a following this way could also put you on the radar of many popular sex toy companies. And if you’d rather try your luck with more unique and niche-specific sex toys, you can try selling fetish pics and videos.

Alternatively, or at the same time, you could start your own website. Themes such as ModelX or TeaseX will let you run it all by yourself with no prior knowledge required.

On the site, you can sell merch, do camming, write sex toy reviews, and link all your other profiles and socials. That way, growing your fanbase will be even easier, as they’ll have access to everything you offer in a single place.

With a background like that, brands will be flocking to work with you. And when you secure those deals, the zeroes on your next bank statement will make your head spin faster than the dildos you’ll try out.

How Much Money Can You Earn Testing Sex Toys?

Like we mentioned already, you won’t exactly be breaking the bank as a regular sex toy tester. But since most companies offer free sex toys and accessories as payment, you’ll at least get to take those out of your shopping cart.

However, if you do find a job that pays actual money, you can expect between $50 and $100 per review. For example, Lovehoney recently offered a position for $1,000 a year for about 12 reviews.

Besides the money, you’ll also get $250 worth of sex toys every month, as well as special store credit. While not all companies offer these terms, it is a good average to compare other offers to.

Of course, there are influencers who make over $60K a year testing sex toys. But they have the popularity to demand such rates, so don’t expect to swim in money right away.

Maximizing Revenue as a Sex Toy Tester

If you’d still like to make adult entertainment your main gig, it’s smart to find a way to bring in more money than testing toys can give you.

For example, once you become a sex toy tester, you can start an OnlyFans, get verified, and eventually make fat stacks. From smutty pic packs to custom roleplay videos, there is an audience for everything on OnlyFans.

And if you’re too shy to show your face, you can always just offer sexting or take pics of your feet. Although you won’t make that much as a beginner, this option can open many doors in the adult entertainment industry.

Combine all that with what you’ll make as a sex toy tester, and you might be able to fully ditch your day job.

What Else Do You Need to Know to Become a Sex Toy Tester?

Before you start playing with some free sex toys, there are some useful tips you should keep in mind before deciding whether or not to become a sex toy tester.

Write Detailed Reviews

Although getting lost in pleasure is a big part of testing sex toys, you will need to write a coherent and detailed review for every toy you try. So, you will have to stay focused and actually point out each aspect of it.

We’re talking everything from size, girth, intensity, and feel to any added features, appearance, and packaging.

Just think of what you’d like to read about as a potential customer, and write about it.

Speaking of writing, your reviews will need to be informative but fun. Even more importantly, they should be easy to read and understand.

The same goes for videos, if you’ll be recording your reviews instead of writing them. Make them engaging and fun, and you’ll easily win over both brands and fans of sex toys.

Learn How to Say No

Sometimes, companies will send you toys to test without consulting you. As a result, you might receive something that you’re not comfortable using.

If that’s the case, never hesitate to return the package if needed and explain why you can’t test it. Although testing sex toys may not fit everyone’s idea of good taste, you’ll always have the right to set boundaries.

Consider Specializing

Speaking of boundaries, picking a specific type (or several) of sex toys and focusing on it is a fine idea. For instance, you could just test and review:

  • Pocket pussies
  • Penis pumps
  • Butt plugs
  • Animal or monster-shaped dildos
  • Large toys
  • Fuck machines
  • Electro-stimulators, etc.

Like on any market, specializing in this one will make you an authority in the long run. And once you become the Don of Dildos, you’ll get higher fees and have your clients cum to you.

Give Yourself Time With the Toy

Like most smut, many sex toys are an acquired taste. That’s why it’s important to give yourself time to play with them and explore everything they have to offer.

Generally, companies will give you at least a week to review a toy. In most cases, though, you’ll get a whole month.

That’s more than enough time to have some fun and get all the, uhm, info you need for a review.

Be Honest

And finally, here’s a few words about the reviews themselves. Although you’ll probably be tempted to sing each toy praises, that’s not what the company will want from you.

Instead, it’s essential to be honest.

Is a dildo too thin or too slippery for your taste? Say it.

Was a vibrator so strong that you could barely walk after only a minute? Make sure to include it in your feedback.

The companies usually want you to tell them everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. That is especially the case if you’re doing prototype testing for toys that are still in development.

With that said, stay respectful and try to keep things neutral as much as you can. As always, honesty doesn’t equal being mean.

Know That It’s Not All Sunshine and Dildos

Every high has its low, and being a sex toy tester does come with some downsides. Specifically, you should keep in mind that:

  1. It’s still work, meaning you’ll need to learn how to focus on each toy’s specs instead of getting lost in the moment
  2. Not every company will gift you the toys you’ll review, especially when you’re just starting out — and those costs could pile up
  3. Your sex life and kinks will be out on the internet for everyone to see; not everyone’s idea of fame
  4. Some may judge you, and others may disagree with your reviews — you’ll need a thick skin.

However, the aforementioned cons are true for most of the super-rich adult industry.

Becoming a sex toy tester lets you grab a piece of that money while avoiding its more serious downsides — such as those that hound porn stars.

Become a Sex Toy Tester Today!

While testing sex toys sounds like a job from dreamland, anyone can do it with a bit of prep time. If you’re up for it, start doing some digging, apply for open positions, and practice your writing.

You never know — you might hit the jackpot faster than you expect! And even if it doesn’t make you rich, all the free sex toys will surely make up for it.