Nowadays, anyone can make some knockout money by becoming a foot fetish model. But before you join the fun, it’s more than valid to ask yourself, is selling feet pictures legal?

Well, we’re here to give you a rundown on all the important details, including:

Let’s get started!

Is It Illegal to Sell Feet Pictures Online?

The short answer to this question is no. It is fully legal to sell your feet pics online — as long as you comply with a couple of rules:

  • You must be of legal age
  • You must live in a country where selling nudes is allowed

Let’s take a look at each condition.

Age Requirements

In the vast majority of cases, feet pics aren’t considered adult content. Since the only nudity they usually display is nude feet, not many countries forbid them.

With that said, you do need to be of legal age to take on this hustle. Namely, minors are not allowed to work — or pay taxes — in the vast majority of the world.

That is why all legit platforms that allow selling feet pics — more on those later on — require users to prove they’re over 18.

Generally, the sites ask everyone for pics of their ID or any other document that confirms their age. So, as long as they can provide that, they can join and start making fat stacks.

Local Factors

The answer to the question of, is it illegal to sell feet pictures online? also depends on the specific country you live in.

Namely, some of them have strict religious laws and could see showing one’s feet as indecent.

For instance, that is the case in places such as Iran or Saudi Arabia. These territories have customs that mandate that women cover up and not show any skin.

Given that simply displaying your feet is frowned upon, selling feet pics would also be a no-go.

So, if you live outside the US or Europe, check out your local laws before starting your feet pics adventure. Even better, try locating other adult models who live there, and ask for tips or a workaround.

Now, as we have already mentioned, pics are usually sold on adult platforms. So, you won’t be able to do it in countries that ban such sites on moral or religious grounds.

For example, OnlyFans — one of the most popular platforms for all feet pic sellers — is banned in the following territories:

  • Dubai
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Belarus
  • India (you can access the site but not post your own content)
  • Qatar
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Kuwait

…among others. And since OnlyFans is banned, chances are that other smaller adult platforms will be, too.

All in all, make sure to take a long look at your country’s laws before trying anything. That way, you’ll ensure that your record stays squeaky clean.

Where Can You Legally Sell Feet Pics?

Since we’re talking about laws, it’s important to point out that the platforms you can sell on will have rules of their own.

Below, we’ll list a few options you can try your luck on and provide some basic info on them, including their legal requirements.


As far as platforms dedicated exclusively to feet pics go, FeetFinder is everyone’s go-to choice. It’s a user-friendly and reputable site that gathers millions of feet lovers.

However, you should note that’s all it is since it doesn’t allow any nudity. So, your feet pics can feature anything from toys to clothes, but your crotch and boobs have to stay hidden.

As long as you play nice, you can sell pics and videos, as well as make money from subscriptions. Plus, you get to set all the prices yourself, so you’re in control of how much you earn.

The site also helps users find the exact type of feet pics they want via its numerous tags and categories.

So, make sure to tag every post, and you’ll be making fat stacks in no time.


OnlyFans is a paradise for selling all types of spicy content, and feet pics are no exception.

The platform has pretty lax content rules, meaning that all types of nudity are allowed. In fact, the only rule you absolutely must comply with is being over 18 years old.

Once you make an account and become verified, you can post more varied content than on FeetFinder. That is to say, you can choose how much (or how little) of yourself you want to show.

For instance, if you ever wish to venture beyond anonymous feet pics, you can make great money by offering full-on nudes.

And in case regular adult content isn’t your cup of tea, there are many weird ways to earn big bucks.

On the other hand, if you’d like to stay anonymous after all, sexting your fans is always a good option. Along with your feet pics, it might just earn you a small fortune.

Granted, you won’t be making more than a few hundred bucks in the beginning. But with time, you’ll have a chance to grow and find your footing (pun intended).

OnlyFans’ monetization options make this more than possible, as you can make money both via subscriptions and by selling content.

Other Options

Besides FeetFinder and OnlyFans, you can also try your luck with the following sites:

…and many, many more.

Beyond these, you can also use regular social media platforms. After all, feet pics aren’t seen as steamy content, so few such websites forbid them.

In this regard, Snapchat, X, and Instagram will be your best bets. To make sure that you stand out on them, you’ll want to use feet-specific hashtags in all your posts.

Good examples include #feetpics, #instafeet, #foottok, #feetlove, and so on.

And lastly, you can also start your own porn website. However, this move is only feasible if you already have a sizable audience.

So, leave it for when you become a big shot on some (or all) of the aforementioned platforms. By that time, you’ll be making great money, so selling feet pics could very well become your day job.


With that, we’ve answered the question of the day: is it legal to sell feet pics? Now, all that’s left to do is pick the site you like most, snap some feet shots, and let them out into the world.