Growing more quickly than your typical Viagra addict, porn is a massive and extremely profitable industry. After all, horndogs are the perfect audience — impulsive, eager, and always hungry for more.

That’s why tube sites are some of the most visited places on the internet, hogging huge amounts of traffic. Back in the day, Pornhub used to be the king of those, but ever since purging all unverified content, it lost the title to XVideos.

Today, shooting sex tapes and uploading it to the latter is one of the easiest and safest ways around to make money. If we’ve piqued your interest, and you’d like to learn how to make money on XVideos, keep reading.

We’ll guide you through:

Why Choose XVideos?

Having made Pornhub its bottom bitch, XVideos is the single most popular porn site in the world. Furthermore, it’s the only porn site that ranks among the ten most visited websites at the moment.

Numbers-wise, XVideos gets nearly 3 billion views per month; almost 500,000 more than Pornhub. As if that wasn’t enough, it hosts the largest collection of porn in the world — currently estimated at 10 million videos.

While those numbers are impressive, they’re not the only reason for wanting to learn how to make money on XVideos.

Namely, the platform’s main selling point is the realistic and raw feel that their content has. Contrary to Pornhub, which insists on high-production, verified model videos, XVideos gladly opens its legs for amateur porn creators.

As another plus over Pornhub, XVideos is neither jealous nor clingy. Namely, XVideos will let you upload any content that you have on their platform to other porn sites, and increase your earnings even further.

In other words, there’s no better place to get started on. Even if you’re aiming for another website, you can always make a name for yourself on XVideos first, then take your business elsewhere.

XVideos is also extremely easy to use, and you can create an account with them in three simple steps. On top of that, the site offers more flexible payout methods than platforms like OnlyFans, Pornhub, and the like.

How to Register an Account on XVideos

Unsurprisingly, the first step to making money on XVideos is signing up on their website.

To do that, just fill out a simple form, entering an email, a username, and a password. Keep in mind that XVideos offers multiple account types, and you’ll want to pick the best one for the money making method you’ll go for.

We will cover those methods in the next section, but for now, let’s just say that you can earn by creating your own content or by reuploading what others have made.

If you wish to offer the content you create, you’ll need to become a Model or Channel. As far as making money goes, the two are pretty much the same.

They are only different when it comes to the content that you can upload. Namely, a Model account can only contain videos of you, while a Channel can also feature other creators, as long as you can prove that you own each of those videos.

If you’d like to make money by reuploading, you’ll also have two options: a Regular or Verified account. The latter will give you more features, but it will require you to verify your identity by sending face cam footage to XVideos.

They won’t use that footage anywhere outside of the verification process. However, if the idea freaks you out, better stick with a Regular account.

Whether or not you’re concerned about your anonymity, we heavily recommend not using your real name and main email address during registration. Instead, use a pseudonym, and make a new email just for this purpose.

In addition, avoid entering information that may lead back to you, such as nicknames, addresses, etc. No matter how safe the porn star gig is these days, you won’t want to keep your personal details within the reach of potential stalkers — even if you’re a male performer.

How to Make Money on XVideos — The Two Main Methods

As soon as you register, you’ll be able to upload videos and earn money from them. In that regard, you have two approaches: the morally gray, (but easier) one, and the legit (and harder) one.

Of course, we’re talking about the aforementioned reuploading and content creation.

We’ll walk you through both, starting with the more popular and easier method.

How to Make Money as an XVideos Content Partner

The Content Partner Program (or CPP for short) is an exclusive program, only available for content creators and models. By signing up, you’ll become verified, and get paid for each of your uploads.

Of course, if you wish to take this route, you’ll want to get a good camera. Not many people will pay much for a blurred dong or pair of tits.

To participate, you’ll need to manually verify your identity, similarly to how it’s done on Pornhub, after which you’ll become a Model or a Channel. So, if you don’t own the rights to the content you plan to upload to XVideos, you shouldn’t even consider joining.

Currently, XVideos doesn’t have any program for (non-exclusive) licensed content. However, licensed content is acceptable if the uploader is the only person uploading it.

Either way, the CPP will let you can make money on XVideos in the following ways:

  • Free-to-view videos (AdShare)
  • Premium videos (Viewshare; explained later)
  • Memberships
  • Direct purchases

Make Money on XVideos with Free Videos

As we’ve already explained, most videos (with one exception, explained below) on the site are eligible for the AdShare program. That means that you’ll get a percentage of the income earned by the ads playing on your monetized video pages.

This revenue is typically measured by RPM — or revenue per 1,000 views. RPM fluctuates between $0.05 to $0.70 depending on competition, geolocation, ad spots, devices, how many times the ad is played, etc.

Now, while size isn’t everything, a video needs to be at least 5 minutes long to be eligible for AdShare. Fun-sized clips won’t make you any money, so they’re only really good for promotion purposes.

Make Money on XVideos with XVideos RED

XVideos RED is where the big boys, girls, and everyone else comes together to make even bigger bucks.

Or, if we drop the fancy language, it’s the section of the main XVideos website dedicated to professional porn. It’s similar to Pornhub Premium, but its unique revshare structure makes it the highest-paying premium porn site in the world.

To elaborate, XVideos RED offers three monetization options for your premium content:

  • Non-exclusive content
  • Exclusive content
  • Direct sales

You can use one, two, or all three of them. We’ll briefly cover them all, to help you make your choice.

Non-Exclusive Content

As a premium website, XVideos RED charges monthly subscriptions, and users with active subscriptions can access all the non-exclusive content on the platform.

The site keeps 50% of those users’ membership spendings, and splits the remaining 50% among content creators. This is done under a system known as Viewshare.

Namely, the system tracks and keeps note of all the videos that each member views during their subscription period. When the period expires, XVideos will allocate 50% of their spendings between the channels they had viewed, proportionately to the time spent on each video.

Because the system is very generous, it often leads to RPM values of $50 and above.

Your exact earnings will still depend on the number of people watching your content, though. Therefore, you’ll want to maintain a regular upload schedule, and have your fans spend as much time as possible beating their meat to your stuff.

As for the best part, XVideos won’t try to put a leash or ball-gag on your non-exclusive content. That means that you’ll be able to reupload it to any other porn platform, and make even more money for your hard(core) work!

Exclusive Content

Alternatively — or in addition — you can put on that ring and take the exclusive option. That way, you’ll be able to create content that’ll only be shown on the XVideos RED website.

Users will access these videos by buying separate subscriptions, sending even more money your way. The system is XVideos’ take on OnlyFans-style private feeds, and is entirely optional.

However, you can only join this program once, as XVideos doesn’t handle breakups that well. If you decide to leave it for whatever reason, you won’t be able to rejoin it in the future.

Direct Sales

Finally, XVideos RED also lets you directly sell custom videos to individual users.

You can activate this feature for both new and existing content, at any time. Just select the direct purchase option when uploading a new video or when editing an existing one.

However, you should know that once a video is sold, it’s permanently unlocked for the buyer even if you delete it later. Just like with subscriptions, you’ll get to keep 50% of this money; the rest will go to XVideos.

How to Make Money on XVideos: Reuploading Porn Content

Unlike Pornhub, XVideos won’t make you wait long before you can start uploading. As soon as you become verified, you can blow your load on it.

In essence, you’ll take other people’s content, edit it to pass copyright checks, and upload it to your XVideos account.

You’ll then earn a revenue share (commonly referred to as AdShare) from the ads that will be played on, ahem, your videos.

Before you upload anything, though, you’ll absolutely want to pick a niche. The adult industry may be profitable, but it’s packed tighter than Mia Malkova’s asshole on a busy day.

So, to make sure that your content gets watched over someone else’s, consult our guide.

Finding, Editing, and Reuploading Content

With that out of the way, let’s outline your typical content-poaching process in several steps.

Step 1: Find and Download Your Video

Find a video that you wish to upload, and download it to your machine. It’s important that it isn’t watermarked, owned by a powerful porn brand, or made by a big studio such as BangBros, Blacked, etc.

Those big shots will be ready, willing, and able to bring the brunt of their lawyer force down on you. And no matter how confident you are, you won’t be able to win a dick-measuring contest with them.

While this may sound restrictive, it’s actually the porn business equivalent of swearing off the missionary position. Losing one option doesn’t mean anything when there’s so much else to discover, repack, and offer up as your own.

Our guide on downloading porn will take you far in that regard, but you can also consult other sources — such as this list of NSFW subreddits.

Step 2: Edit the Video

Once you’ve downloaded a porn flick, it’s time to edit it. To that end, here’s a great resource to help you find the right video editing software for you.

Now, you won’t have to do anything major — cutting a handful of seconds or minutes off is enough. For instance, you can just trim a 18:49 flick down to 05:15.

Not unlike dick length, video length isn’t exactly irrelevant. Aim for at least 3 minutes, but ideally go for 5 or longer — those perform the best among XVideos’ users.

Step 3: Add Your Watermark

As any pimp worth their limo will confirm, marking your turf is absolutely essential. You’ll want people to remember where they watched their videos and keep coming back for more, as that will result in more revenue.

The easiest way to do so is to simply add the URL leading to your XVideos page into the corner of the video. Alternatively, you could create a quick logo in paint, or hire a Fiverr designer to cheaply handle that for you.

Step 4: Grab a Sexy Thumbnail

Sift through the video, and find a great-looking scene that accurately represents its niche. Take a screenshot and save it — you’ll be needing it later.

Search engines may rank content based on titles and descriptions, but your typical coomer will only decide to give a video a shot if the thumbnail gets them drooling. So, spending a long time on picking a good one won’t really be a waste.

Step 5: Name the Video and Pick Out Its Tags

While the thumbnail will get users to click on your video, its title will help them find it. With that in mind, think of a niche-appropriate title and around 7-10 accurate tags.

Use applicable terms for your tags, such as blonde, MILF, anal, or whatever else gets thrown around for the video’s genre. The title should also contain one or more of those terms, but don’t let it devolve into word salad.

There will be more on thumbnails and videos, later.

Step 6: Upload the Video

All that’s left is to put your brand new video up on the website.

Be careful not to upload more than 10 per day, though. Getting too greedy might cause XVideos to see you as a spammer and flush you like an STD — with a ban.

Because AdShare earnings will be automatically enabled on your account, you’ll be able to start making money as soon as your first video goes live. And with the platform’s built-in viewership statistics feature, you’ll be able to watch the numbers rise at any time.

How Much You Can Earn

As anyone familiar with how to make money on XVideos can confirm, AdShare revenue is unpredictable.

That is why, instead of a monthly salary, we typically measure it via RPM, or revenue per 1,000 views. Approximately, you’ll make between $0.05 and $0.75 RPM, depending on the ads that your viewers see.

However, you can easily smooth out the system’s bumps by taking the Johnny Sins approach: quantity equals quality. Or, in practical terms, just keep uploading fresh videos, and your inconsistent income will gradually become consistent.

Let’s do some sexy math.

Imagine that you were to upload one video per day, over a month (30 days), with an average RPM of $0.40. If we assume that each video gets just 10,000 monthly views — rookie numbers for the porn industry — that’s already $120, just from those 30 videos.

Not bad for half an hour of work a day, huh?

The method’s only downside is its lack of scalability, as more than 10 daily uploads may get your channel suspended. Therefore, your earning potential will be somewhat gimped, and not in a sexy way.

However, the approach does give you all the benefits of running a porn website, with none of its usual downsides. You won’t have to pay for hosting, negotiate with ad networks, or spend any time setting up ads.

Think of it as cruise control for your adult business; everything will be automated and built into the XVideos website.

Maximizing Profits From XVideos

Whether we’re talking about money or a good pounding, more is never a bad thing. So, let’s close the book on XVideos earning methods with some tips on maximizing what you get out of them.

Publish Your Videos on Partner Networks

Regardless of what you think about poly communes, XVideos’ sizable partner network will give you an offer you can’t refuse. In essence, you can have both your XVideos and XVideos RED content displayed on partner websites — along with ads — and make money from all of them.

The network includes the giants XNXX and XNXX Gold (essentially another XVideos RED). Given that XNXX is the tenth most-visited website in the world — and the third most-visited adult site — you’ll probably want to thrust right into this arrangement.

On XVideos RED, the process is on by default. That means that everything you upload there will also be uploaded to XNXX Gold.

To enable sharing and caring with your free videos, though, you’ll need to take an additional step during the upload process. Specifically, pick the XVideos + Network option, and fill out the additional text boxes when the platform asks you to do so.

Once the video uploads, the main XVideos website — and its whole empire of smut — will proudly display it.

Upload Both Free and Premium Videos

While your premium videos may make you more money on XVideos, it’s your free content that’ll attract most of your audience. And to build a career that’ll last longer than Rocco Siffredi, you’ll want a whole lot of both.

Now, given that there’s no hard-and-fast rule for striking a balance between free and premium, this can get tricky. However, we suggest favoring the former, especially in the beginning — three free videos per one premium flick is good.

Not only will taking this approach get the most eyes on your content, but you’ll also get paid for the views via AdShare. And as your popularity grows, so will your number of premium sales.

There hasn’t been more of a win-win since Blac Chyna said I guess I’ll try my luck at OnlyFans.

Speaking of OnlyFans, XVideos is a great starting point if you’re considering a career on the former. Namely, as a verified model with an existing career, you’ll find it easy to skip the slow start that most OnlyFans beginners face.

Upload Consistently

Unlike Pornhub, XVideos isn’t aiming for the high-class escort vibe. Instead, they’re going for the neighborhood brothel angle, expecting their users to return to the site, day by day.

As a result, your audience will expect regular updates, especially when it comes to free content. And by providing them, you’ll keep getting views, earning money, and gaining more and more fame.

No matter how huge you end up getting, though, the viewers will always prefer seeing you as an actual person rather than a porn entrepreneur. Ideally, you’ll come off as someone shooting porn for themselves, who just happens to be posting on XVideos.

That being said, nothing’s stopping you from investing in high-quality gear to make your porn look nice. Just don’t overthink or over-produce your content — at least in the free area.

Follow the Trends

While we don’t suggest hopping between niches like Abella Danger hops on cock, you’d do well to regularly check what’s hot and what’s not. Luckily, XVideos is built to make that research quick, easy, and effective.

You won’t need a conspiracy theorist-tier whiteboard, or mountains of notes. Just browse the platform’s popular videos, check the Trending tab in the footer, and consider how to create content that will ride those waves.

If that wasn’t enough, XVideos will let you track how your own videos are doing. To do so, navigate to your on-site dashboard while logged in, click the My Content tab, then on Global Statistics.

The feature will grant you insight into what people would like to see from you. Therefore, making more similar content will mean more money in the long run.

Put Effort Into Titles and Thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails are an important part of making money on XVideos because they can make or break your content.

With millions of videos on offer, no one has the time to give every last one a chance. Instead, they’ll rely on what they can see and only check what seems interesting to them.

As a result, titles and thumbnails typically make for around 50% of a video’s clicks. So, to grab your audience’s attention, you’ll want them to communicate exactly what’s inside.

Write an Arousing Title

Let’s start with the easier part.

A good title shouldn’t be longer than 15-20 words. Ideally, it would describe the scene, but using wordplay or niche-specific phrases will also be effective.

Let’s go over some examples, along with quick explanations for each:

  • Pale brunette sucking a big dildo — quick and straight to the point
  • Big ass blonde getting railed over the kitchen desk — also direct, but with more detail
  • This slut’s asshole won’t be closing for days — for a hard anal scene
  • Curvy BBW eats cock like it’s cake — a blowjob scene in the BBW genre
  • Plastic bimbo’s tits are big enough to burst — specific to the bimbo niche

Don’t be afraid of spoiling what’s in the video. No matter how much of a hipster they are, no one watches porn for the plot.

In fact, revealing a porn flick’s contents will actually get more people to click it, just to see how it all unfolds.

Pick a Hot Thumbnail

You can get a video’s thumbnail in two ways:

  • By rewatching the video and picking a great still
  • By taking some photos during the recording session, and choosing one

In general, the former is easier, while the latter will give you better results. Either way, you’ll want your thumbnail sexy, easily readable, and representative of its niche.

And once you select your pic, here’s how to prepare and upload it to XVideos:

  1. Install and start an app like Photoshop (which has a free mobile version) or GIMP.
  2. Make a new file with a resolution of 640×360 pixels.
  3. Add your selected image to the new file.
  4. Adjust the image’s size while keeping the original ratio in mind — don’t stretch or distort anything.
  5. Save the image as a PNG, to preserve its quality.
  6. Schedule your video to be uploaded a few hours ahead of time. Upload your new thumbnail while the video is still unpublished, once it finishes rendering. With the thumbnail set, hit Publish at your leisure.

Promote Your Content on Social Media

When you’re out to make money on XVideos, promotion is the name of the game. However, mainstream social media isn’t exactly keen on sex and masturbation — a shocker, we know.

And while it’s true that platforms like Twitter will let you post pretty much anything that’s not illegal, limiting yourself to just them will greatly reduce your reach.

Instead, you should establish a presence on every major network, play by its rules, and snatch an audience from there. That way, you’ll secure a steady income from your sexcapades for years to come.


Unlike most social media, Twitter won’t throw a fit when you flash your crotch. Instead, their staff will give you a thumbs-up, say you go, girl, and proceed to ban someone deserving — like a comedian.

As long as you don’t piss off daddy Elon, you’re golden — not in the shower sense, unless that’s your thing.

As a result, promoting on the platform is simple and includes the following:

  • Adding a link to your XVideos profile into your Twitter bio
  • Regularly posting teasers
  • Including relevant tags in your posts

Now, a teaser is a brief video, often no longer than a minute or two, meant to capture someone’s eye. And if they like the cut of your jib, they’ll follow your link and plow right into your main content.

While teasers should be sexy, you won’t want them to contain your best scenes. Twitter won’t pay you when strangers jack it to your smut, but XVideos will.

Let’s say that you have an amazing solo scene up on your XVideos profile. Don’t include the best parts in your teaser, but rather, use the bits that look good yet promise even better stuff on the porn site itself.

For a clearer picture of all this, head over here and check what the big-name performers are doing. After all, if anyone knows how to make money on XVideos via Twitter promotion, it’s them.


Despite being almost synonymous with online modeling, Instagram is actually as conservative as your redneck uncle. Show a nip on the platform, and the staff will be one step away from throwing bibles at you.

Despite this 1700s vibe, countless adult performers are using Instagram to expand their audience, each day. You can do so, too, as long as you don’t show any genitals, anuses, and the like.

Otherwise, you may get a shadowban — the safe sex, thick condom version of banning. And if you get really spicy, the platform will go in bareback and remove you altogether.

So, keep your posts hot and regular, wear tight outfits, pose enticingly, and include flirty (yet not vulgar) language. In addition, use hashtags such as #babe and #sexy, while avoiding explicit ones like #pornstar.

Do all of the above without breaking any rules, and Instagram will actually promote your posts on the platform’s explore page. Then, all that’s left to do is to drive that traffic to your XVideos content.

In theory, this will be similar to what we explained with Twitter — you’ll add a link to your bio. However, Instagram won’t let this link lead directly to XVideos, so we’ll need to get creative.

So, we suggest that you head over to Linktree and create an account with them. This tool will let you create an all-in-one link containing any URLs that you add to it.

Next, paste your XVideos profile link into your Linktree, then add the Linktree link to your Instagram bio. That way, it’ll serve as an invitation for whoever likes your Instagram content, but decides that they want more.


Reddit is the internet’s great buffet. It has something for everyone; from political discussions, to all-out insanity.

Luckily for anyone looking into how to make money on XVideos, Reddit also has a gigantic list of adult subreddits. Sadly, not all of them will let you directly link to your XVideos page.

However, the Linktree trick from above will let you easily sidestep that issue. Just add your Linktree URL to your Reddit bio, and you’ll have your funneling system set up.

Next, pick out relevant subreddits for your content from above. Post teasers on those subreddits, sit back, and watch the fedoras tip in your direction.


You could call Snapchat Instagram’s teen cousin; a more relaxed platform that focuses on casual and easy-to-create content.

As such, plenty of adult performers use it to decompress, chill out, and — you guessed it — expand their audience. Snapchat isn’t about well-lit photos and scripted videos, but rather, about you being you.

By snapping yourself when you’re happy, angry, sad, or just wish to vent, you’ll paint a picture of an actual person, rather than a porn performer. And in this day and age, where everything is fake, your spontaneity will make you appear down-to-earth and relatable.

Snapchat also has an interesting feature that you can use to create one-of-a-kind, intimate moments with your fans: self-deleting DMs. Yep, the platform won’t save your direct messages, so you can turn any chat sexier by dropping a quick selfie without worrying about moderation.

Anyone can yank it to a random professional porn star. But an adult video starring someone you feel like you know is something truly special, and Snapchat will help you brand your content as such.


TikTok has a gigantic audience, but, as you might expect, doesn’t allow for any nudity whatsoever. Similarly to Instagram, though, the platform does support suggestive content, and you can ride that wave to fame.

As for what you should do, just browse the feeds, note what’s popular (mainly memes and dances), and make your own versions.

If you’re unsure about how that works, check out Cardi B’s WAP and its many follow-ups. Countless adult performers have used that dance to promote their Pornhub, XVideos, and other profiles, and the next big one is always around the corner.

Speaking of promoting your porn profile, this is where you’ll use the Linktree trick, but there’s a catch. You see, TikTok will only let you add links to your bio if you have a business account, and you’ll only be able to apply for one with 1,000 followers or more.

However, there is a way to put a band-aid on that problem. Just add a caption to your videos, and use it to invite the viewers to your Instagram or Twitter profile.

Then, once you get your business account, rip that band-aid off, paste the usual Linktree URL into your bio, and stop adding captions.


Redgifs may not be as mainstream as the platforms above, but it’s still a great way to generate extra traffic toward your XVideos content.

To use it, just break your videos into smaller GIFs, and upload them to the site. For exposure, include popular hashtags such as #curvy, #milf, etc.

And if this seems like too much work, keep in mind that you can always reuse these GIFs on Reddit or Twitter.

Getting Paid on XVideos

XVideos lets you withdraw your hard-earned cash in the following ways:

Whichever payout method you end up choosing, the XVideos RED portion of your revenue will typically be delayed by up to 2 months.

This is standard procedure, though, and nothing you’ll need to worry about. As we’ve explained earlier, the platform takes a bit to compute how much time each subscriber spent on which video, and to prevent fraud.

Once your earnings are calculated and confirmed, they’ll wind up on your website balance. And on the fifteenth of each month, XVideos will pay out that amount via your chosen payment processor.

How to Make Money on XVideos — The Conclusion

While making a career in the adult industry may be a bit more complicated than you might think, there’s also more money in the biz than ever before. Even better, the industry keeps growing, so the sooner you get in on the action, the more you’ll earn.

And if you happen to enjoy your XVideos fame, you can always diversify for even more income. Organizing shows on Chaturbate or going hard on selling homemade porn are just some of your many options.

With everything said and done, we’ve hopefully answered all your questions on how to make money on XVideos. Follow our guidance, stay spontaneous and sexy, and you’ll be drowning in both cash and pleasure.