Did you know that you can earn from porn without taking off your clothes? It may sound silly, but it’s more than possible if you sell fetish photos and videos in an often-overlooked genre — none of it has to be hardcore, though it can get unusual.

Yep, the fetish market is a playground of opportunity for any content creator looking to tap into a smaller but more lucrative niche. Just as importantly, fetish models find it easier to climb the ladder and get big within their respective submarkets.

Numbers like $70,000 a year are incredibly common, and the more successful creators are making much more. Take Prii Feet, for example.

With just 32.7k Twitter followers, she’s earning as much as mainstream models with 500k+ followers on social media. That’s what we call treading the path to success.

So, why wait? Get in on the action and start exploring the profitable world of fetish content, today.

To help you find your lane, here are some exceptional niche examples that will make you think: Wow, there really is a market for everything!

If you’re ready to add some color to your career (and your wallet), keep reading because this article has the following covered: Bondage Girl

Why Sell Fetish Photos & Videos?

Selling your fetish photos and videos can be a goldmine, and you don’t need a degree or years of experience to break into the industry. Speaking of degrees, let’s do some math.

Now, before you start yawning or rolling your eyes, hear us out. Math can actually be fun with the right teachers and students.

So, various surveys have shown that there’ll always be a demand for fetish-related photos & videos. Namely, nearly 45% of people have expressed an interest in fetishes and 26% have decided that fantasizing was not cutting it — so they turned them into reality.

With simple subtraction, we conclude that 19% of people couldn’t do the same for whatever reason (lack of drive, understanding partner, etc.). Hence, they’ll take their unsated desires and cash to whoever can satisfy them — preferably you!

And let’s not forget the gig’s flexibility — you can do it all from the comfort of your home, without ever having to reveal your true identity. Who needs a boring 9-5 job when you can cash out while lounging in your undies?

As for the best part, all you’ll need is a smartphone or camera, a bit of creativity, and a reliable internet connection. Given that you likely have all of these already, that potentially means zero investing!

Honestly, if there was an easy mode for doing porn, this would be it.

Non-Nude Fetish Photos Can Also Be Profitable

It’s no secret that the adult industry is always looking for fresh faces and new ways to satisfy its customers’ desires. And as we’ve learned, there are plenty of fetish niches that don’t require you to bare it all, but still bring in the big bucks.

Take the foot fetish, for example. You don’t have to be a topless model to indulge in this kinky world.

Just kick off your shoes and show off your well-manicured toes. Or, if you’re truly adventurous, get them a little dirty and display your smudged soles.

Naturally, you can always put on a sexy, revealing outfit to raise some heads and eyebrows, but that generally won’t be necessary unless you’re taking on a clothing-specific niche.

Yep, you’ve read that right — certain fetishes revolve around clothing items, including (but not limited to):

  • Socks
  • High heels
  • Boots
  • Pantyhose
  • Fur garments
  • Spandex
  • Bikinis
  • Underwear
  • Thongs
  • Yoga pants

As they say, different strokes for different folks, and the adult industry has no shortage of either. What’s also great about these (aside from them not being too weird) is that you won’t necessarily have to pay for them.

Let’s say that you’re servicing the bikini fetish. You can add some sexy bikinis to your Amazon wishlist, make that wishlist apparent on your profile, and wait for horny fans to buy the items for you.

And from then on, all that’s left to do is feature them in your content! Amazon will keep your address confidential, and you’ll keep your privacy unless you share your information yourself.

So, go ahead, embrace your kinky side and get ready to cash in on the fetish world.

Non-Nudes Will Make Your Nudes More Valuable

If you’re the shy type but still manage to get a substantial following while keeping things under wraps, the demand for your actual nudes will shoot through the roof.

It’s like keeping your lingerie on just for your partner to rip off. The more scarce something is, the more it’s worth, and your fans will be dying to see what’s under that cloak of mystery.

Let’s not forget Belle Delphine, who originally refused to create actual pornography but is now raking in around $1.2 million a month on OnlyFans after finally embracing her fame. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that?

Keeping everything PG won’t stop you from working your fans into a frenzy with some imaginative teasing. In fact, teasing can be a whole fetish in itself.

Known as tease and denial, this kink involves building up sexual tension and arousal in the viewer without ever letting them fully release it. Whether through suggestive poses, dirty talk, or coy glances, the goal is to perpetually keep the audience on the brink of orgasmic bliss.

And if you’re worried about losing fans by not showing everything right away, don’t be.

Many are drawn to the thrill of the tease precisely because it’s less explicit and more subtle than full-on nudity. By leaving a little bit to the imagination, you can appeal to a wider audience and keep them coming back for more.

Of course, nothing’s stopping you from disrobing and selling nudes earlier in your career. After all, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow!

It’s a vast world out there, with more kinks than anyone can count. And just like our music and fashion preferences, these vary from person to person.

Therefore, what tickles your fancy might make someone else want to puke, especially if we’re talking about weird stuff like formicophilia.

Yep, getting hot at the idea of insects crawling over you is also a fetish.

But that’s a particularly extreme example that we don’t recommend touching due to the existence of more popular and profitable niches.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even consider catering to some of the weirder kinks — if it’s your thing, go for it. However, if you want to make it big, you’ll need to service the more profitable ones.

So, here are the top 5 that are sure to make you a star; not only do they have dedicated followings, but they’re also significantly less crowded than the mainstream porn market.

Foot Fetish

Let’s kick off this list with a true classic — the foot fetish.

As one of the most widespread kinks in the world, with an estimated one in seven Americans misusing their socks because of it, this fetish has its fair share of variants.

Off the top of our heads, you’ve got:

  • Bare foot fetish (this kink’s equivalent of vanilla)
  • Shoe fetish (especially high heels)
  • Boot fetish (the bread and butter of every domme out there)
  • Trampling (primarily stepping on someone’s face or other tender regions)
  • Foot licking (or sucking) fetish
  • Dirty foot fetish (often combined with the smelly foot fetish)
  • Pedicures (or well-groomed feet in general), and so on

While foot fetishists often face judgment and stigma, their critics fail to recognize that the part of the brain responsible for processing foot stimuli is right next to the one that governs the genitals and sexual arousal.

That’s right, everyone is wired to potentially develop this fetish. Knowing that, why would you not sell pictures or videos of your feet, or even become a full-blown foot fetish model?

Platforms that exclusively service the foot fetish (with FeetFinder being an exceptional choice) are everywhere. So, slip those shoes off (or keep them on), and let the people worship your soles like the goddess you are!


Speaking of goddesses, we have femdom, or female domination. This kink is hotter than a blazing inferno and can be found on almost any porn site out there.

To illustrate, Pornhub has had a steady rise in femdom-related queries, And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a breakdown of the most popular porn-related searches in the US — with terms such as masochism, corsetry, face sitting, and the like being at the very top.

It’s so popular, some may even consider it mainstream. But let’s not ignore the fact that there are more variations of femdom than any other porn genre.

Sure, the first image that comes to mind is probably the classic scene of a leather-clad mistress leading her male sub around on a leash, whip in hand. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re talking about bathrobe-wearing goddesses being pampered by their eager-to-please worshippers, dominas stripping their subs of their masculinity by making them wear feminine clothing and assume traditionally female roles, cruel bombshells ordering their slaves to go on naked public walks, and more.

The possibilities are endless.

All of the above might lead you to believe that femdom is only for the tall, buff, and curvy ladies out there, but that’s not the case. Petite dommes like Tangent not only exist, but they also rule the scene.

It’s all about attitude and putting on a show.

If you want to feel appreciated and powerful, you need to build your own palace in this genre. Or even better, have your male servants do it for you.

Because in the world of femdom, you’re the queen, and they’re just your loyal, obedient subjects.


Considering the popularity of anime, video games, and fiction in general, it’s no wonder that cosplay is such a big dick player in today’s world. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find people in costume, but we’re not talking about just any cosplay — we’re talking about the kinky kind.

This niche is a wide world of possibility, with plenty of space to explore and find your perfect fit. Just as importantly, cosplay is insanely popular, with certain keywords having search volumes of over one million on Google.

Here are just some examples to get your heart pumping:

  • fortnite porn (1 100 00 monthly searches)
  • genshin impact porn (543 000 monthly searches)
  • overwatch porn (395 000 monthly searches)
  • anime cosplay porn (370 000 monthly searches)
  • harley quinn porn (240 000 monthly searches)
  • black widow porn (134 000 monthly searches)
  • harry potter porn (131 000 monthly searches)
  • hot nurse porn (125 000 monthly searches)

For starters, you can go the conventional route and dress as a sexed-up version of your favorite fictional character. If you’re into Bowsette, then you know exactly what we mean.

That’s just scratching the surface, though.

For those who like to walk on the wild side, there are furries. They come in two major flavors — light coverage and full costume — with plenty of variation in between (such as body paint).

And then there are the famous — or perhaps infamous — e-girls. These sexy seductresses wear intense makeup and a mix of costume and clothing styles to maximize their appeal.

Their allure is so strong that even the US army has used them as part of a recent recruitment psy-op.

So, if you’re looking for a niche that’s both lightweight and lucrative, cosplay is your ideal match. Just slip into something sexy, and let your fantasies run wild!


Food is an essential aspect of human life, but did you know that it can also be a fetish? We’re talking about feederism, also known as the feeding fetish — a kink that involves gaining weight.

Feederism involves two distinct roles: the feeder (dominant partner responsible for overseeing and enforcing the feeding) and the feedee (submissive partner being fed and subjected to weight gain).

It’s not as widespread as other fetishes on our list, with an estimated 13-19% of people having some degree of interest in it. However, those who are into it are really into it, and will gladly eat up any relevant content they can find.

It is believed to be a combination of morphophilia and BDSM, with elements of food play and fat fetishism.

As you might imagine, over-indulging in this fetish may be unhealthy. If you’ve got a hunger for being a feedee, make sure to consult a doctor on a regular basis — and always stop at the first sign of any health complications.


Balloons, oh balloons, what fun and flirty things to play with! Surely you’ve heard how they can be used to lift people, but did you know that balloons can also give you a rise in your pants?

Well, balloon fetishists, also known as looners, get all hot and bothered by these rubbery orbs in many different ways. Some are turned on by their curves, texture, and movements, while others like to use them in creative ways in their bedroom activities.

If you have any doubts about the fetish’s popularity, how about the fact that it’s consistently been among Google’s top 10 most-searched fetishes since 2019? Given how much the porn market has grown since then, just imagine how huge it is today!

Now, let’s talk about the different types of looners out there. First, we have the poppers — these kinky little devils love nothing more than to see and feel the balloon burst, releasing all that tension and excitement.

And then we have the non-poppers. These sensual sweethearts just want to enjoy the balloon for as long as it stays inflated, playing with it and caressing it with care.

Either way, looners who are attracted to girls (or guys, if you are one) will enjoy content featuring you playing with them, sitting around them in seductive outfits, and possibly even popping them.

And if you’re feeling extra naughty, why not create some spicy pics and videos where you use balloons in more… intimate ways? With a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to make a balloon-themed sex tape that will leave your viewers gasping for air and begging for more!

Other Fetishes Worth Exploring

If none of those five options got your motor running, here’s a whole menu of possibilities to choose from, with over 200 different kinks to satisfy your wildest desires.

No matter what you’re into, you’ll surely find something on that list that tickles your fancy. Follow your instinct, and who knows what hidden desires you might uncover.

Platforms for Selling Fetish Photos & Videos

Let’s dive into the juicy world of selling your fetish content on various platforms.

As you probably know, almost every amateur porn and cam site services the fetish market, but we have some top picks that will make you even more money.

You don’t have to go with just one platform. In fact, we recommend signing up on multiple sites to grow your audience faster and earn as much money as possible.

One of the major perks of producing fetish content is that you can charge more compared to plain vanilla porn. Catering to a niche audience usually results in them being willing to pay a premium to have their desires fulfilled.

When there’s less competition, prices tend to shoot up like your audience’s dongs.

So, are you ready to turn your (and others’) kinks into cash? Here are our top places for selling your fetish content.


Looking for a platform that’s got a taste for the kinky and the bizarre? You can’t go wrong with Clips4Sale; one of the oldest marketplaces for adult content on the internet.

While sites like Pornhub and XVideos might dominate the vanilla porn market, Clips4Sale has something they don’t: a built-in audience for the truly weird and wonderfully specific.

From latex-clad ladies doing their grocery shopping to pregnant women clipping their toenails, there’s no shortage of niche content on this platform. So, whatever your fetish is, you can bet there’s an audience out there for it.

But here’s the best part — unlike OnlyFans, you don’t need an existing following to start making sales on Clips4Sale. The platform’s discovery feeds make it easy for new creators to get exposure and start building their fan bases.

Now, let’s talk about that cold, hard cash. When it comes to pricing, the cost of your videos will depend on a number of factors, including their duration, quality, popularity, and category.

Typically, a 5-minute clip will fetch anywhere from $4 to $6 per sale, though.

Payments are issued via check or bank transfer on the 7th day of each month, with a minimum payout of $50.

Admittedly, Clips4Sale isn’t too generous when it comes to your cut, as they only let you keep 60%. However, the willingness of its users to spend on fetish content will more than make up for that shortcoming.


For fetish models with experience and a following, iWantClips is an even better option due to its impressive flexibility.

To illustrate, iWantClips lets you run a typical content store, but you can also sign up for a so-called Studio account, which enables you to have multiple stores — potentially servicing different fetishes.

The platform also features Pay-to-View messaging (essentially sending private messages that users can unlock by paying the price you set), cam integration (allowing you to link with your account on a third-party cam site and sell that cam time from iWantClips, and more.

Payments on iWantClips are handled in a variety of ways, so you can choose the method that gets you off the most. Whether you prefer Paxum, wire transfer, check, or direct deposit, you can get paid monthly, bi-monthly, daily, or per request.

Just be sure to check out this guide for more information on fees and minimum earnings based on your location and payment schedule.

When it comes to the revenue split, content creators get between 60% and 100% based on the content in question. For reference, though, clips and other store items go for 60%, tips net you 80%, while you get to keep 100% from custom content.

Yep, you’ll be getting the lion’s share of the profits, so there’s no reason to wait. Come on down to iWantClips, and let your passion run wild!


If you’re determined to capitalize on your kinky side and keep the biggest possible chunk of your earnings, OnlyFans is the place to be. However, it’s not for the faint of heart.

While the site does have a huge number of users, its lack of promotion options means that you’ll need to bring your own fanbase to the table if you want to rake in the dough.

But if you’re up to the challenge, the sky’s the limit. OnlyFans is a virtual treasure trove of fetish content, and if you’ve got the goods, you’ll find an audience willing to pay top dollar for it — whatever your it might be.

And let’s be real, the potential profits are nothing to sneeze at. If you can establish yourself as a top creator in a lucrative niche, you could be rolling in dough for years to come.

When it comes to payments, OnlyFans offers direct bank transfers or credit and debit cards, with daily, weekly, or monthly options.

The minimum payout is $20 for direct bank transfers and $100 for credit and debit card transfers. And with an 80% revenue split in favor of content creators, you’ll be keeping most of that sweet, sweet cash for yourself.

If you’re ready to take your kinks to the next level and cash in on your fanbase, check out our in-depth guide to dominating OnlyFans.

Pornhub (And Modelhub)

Allow us to introduce you to Modelhub, the naughty sister site of the famous Pornhub where you can sell your fetish photos and videos to horny customers all over the world.

Once you become a verified content creator, you can set your own prices and make bank by selling your tantalizing photos, steamy videos, and even your own branded merchandise. Plus, you can take on custom orders to fulfill your buyers’ deepest desires.

There’s more to Modelhub than its association Pornhub, though. True to its name, it’s a platform that puts models first, hitting that sweet spot between OnlyFans’ size and the exposure that a smaller website would provide.

The platform supports a range of payment methods, including wire transfers, checks (only in USD), Paxum, and even Cosmo. And you’ll get to keep 65% of everything you sell, which is not too shabby.

In addition to everything from above, Modelhub and Pornhub integrate seamlessly, working together like cocks and condoms. In practical terms, you can earn from both, and make a name for yourself on the biggest porn site in the world in the process.

To learn more about tackling that throbbing porn giant, take a look at this guide.

XVideos (And XVideos RED)

XVideos’ premium section is like the cherry on top of a sundae – sexy, juicy, and oh-so-tempting.

It’s almost as if XVideos RED wants you to make money, since they made it possible to monetize your content in so many different ways. Namely, you can profit from:

  • Subscriptions for your non-exclusive content
  • Separate subscriptions for your exclusive content
  • Direct sales, which you can enable or disable for each of your videos and image sets

This variety of options extends to withdrawals, and they make it easy for you to receive payments through wire transfers, Paxum, Cosmo, and EPayServices.

With its 50% cut, XVideos may not seem too grand compared to our previous recommendations. However, the fact that it’s the most-visited porn site in the world will guarantee you enough exposure to make up for that modest percentage.

Want to learn more? Check out our XVideos guide, and get ready to unleash your wildest fantasies and your bank account, all at the same time.

Additional Websites for Selling Fetish Photos and Videos

Each of the following is a good way to get dough for your kinky content. To help you decide which ones to look into, we’ve put them in a convenient spreadsheet — personal measurements included.

Platform Monthly Traffic Platform’s Commission Payout Options
Sex.com 8.2M 20% Bank transfer, Paxum
SuicideGirls 361K  20% ACH, Transferwise
NiteFlirt 159.2K 30% Wire transfers, ACH, MassPay
LoyalFans 92.8K 20% ACH, wire transfer, SEPA, Paxum
FanCentro 92.3K 20% SEPA, ACH, checks, wire transfers, USDT, Paxum and Skrill
SofiaGray 92.2K 0%* N/A
SextPanther 87.4K 20-40% ACH, wire transfer
JustForFans 77.6K 20% Bank transfer, Paxum, cryptocurrency
MyDirtyHobby 61.5K 50% Depends on location
IsMyGirl 53K 20% Wire transfer, direct deposit, checks, electronic transfer, Paxum
BentBox 40.3K 35% Bank transfers, cryptocurrency, Amazon gift cards
Kinkie 14.2K 0%* N/A
AdmireMe 9.7K 20% Wire transfer
ExtraLunchMoney 7.4K 40% Paxum, checks, bank transfers
AP Clips 6.7K 20-35% PayPal, checks
MyClub 4.8K 20% Paxum, CosmoPayment, ACH, cryptocurrency, wire transfers, Directa24, ePay Service
ModelCentro 1.6K 35% Checks, wire transfers, ACH, SEPA, Paxum
Unlockd 1.5K 15% Checks, ACH, SEPA, Paxum, wire transfers

Now, being the savvy little minx that you are, you probably noticed that SofiaGray and Kinkie have 0% next to their names. These adult marketplaces don’t take any sales commission, but you gotta fork out a $15 monthly membership fee to play in their naughty sandboxes.

Just don’t expect to get your feet wet with a quick dip, if you know what we mean. These babies are for the committed and the kinky.

Sell Fetish Photos and Videos on Your Own Adult Model Website

Are you ready to hit the big leagues? Launching your own website is your logical first step, as it comes with some notable perks!

First things first, forget about those pesky commissions eating away at your profits. With your own website, you’ll be able to keep 100% of your hard-earned dough.

You also won’t have to play by anyone else’s rules. Not being constrained by any pesky ToS, you’ll have the ability to publish or delete any content — as long as it’s legal — whenever you want.

Next, you’ll be able to design your store and cherry-pick its features.

Also, complete control over your pricing and monetization methods (like ads) will give you a variety of ways to make it rain. And speaking of monetization, you’ll have the privilege to integrate any adult payment processor you wish.

Of course, launching your own website can be pricey, so make sure to have a sizable audience before you commit. But there’s no need to fear, as there are ways to build your own fetish palace without having to pay for every single brick.

Most notably, you can get a theme like ModelX — essentially a premade website that you can install and get online in very little time. Like any good theme, this one is fully customizable, and you can tweak it to your liking or hire a front-end developer or designer to do it in your stead.

And if porn has taught us anything, it’s that hiring an expert can lead to all sorts of fun, especially if you greet him in some lingerie. Just kidding — or are we?

Of course, you’ll still need a few other moving parts to keep your website’s juices flowing.

In other words, you’ll require a domain and a web hosting plan. The former will make it possible for visitors and search engines to find your site, and the latter will make sure your website is always online.

Vicetemple has you covered on both counts, and our deals are guaranteed to last you many horny nights.

So, go ahead, launch your own website, and become the kinky queen or king you were born to be!

How To Promote Your Fetish Content

When you’re making kinky content, there are three main ways to really get your name out there:

  • Fetish-themed websites
  • Adult networks
  • Social media

And if you want to be a true sensation in the world of porn, you’ll want to try them all. It’s worth it — the more you put yourself out there, the more lucrative and thrilling your career will be.

Promote Your Fetish Photos & Videos on Fetish-Themed Websites

Looking to dive headfirst into the world of fetish content creation? Well, there are plenty of forums out there where you can get your freak on with like-minded individuals.

From Fetlife to Fetish.com to Reddit’s saucy side, these sites have been bringing pervy folks together for decades.

While they’re all different, your approach with each of them will generally be the same. First, create a profile that oozes sex appeal.

Then, post your content every so often, interact with other members, and most importantly, don’t be a pushy salesman. You want to be a cool cat who just happens to be creating some seriously hot fetish content, not a mere peddler.

The internet’s fetish waters run deep, and there’s no real way to include all relevant links in one place. To save you a bit of time and help you get started, though, we’ll show some resources for each of our previously-showcased kinks.

Foot fetish:





Promote Your Fetish Photos & Videos on Adult Networks

This is where the big boys and girls come to play — on fetish-themed porn forums, adult news sites, and other industry-relevant hubs of social activity.

Sure, they may not bring in as much traffic as vanilla social media sites (which we’ll get into later), but the traffic you get here is the kind that counts. Of course, we’re talking about folk who are into kinky sex and all the undie-soiling porn that can be made from it!

In no particular order, we have:

And if you want even more adult networks to satisfy your cravings, just head over to the Porn Dude or the Porn List. Whenever a new one pops up, you can bet your moneymaker that it’ll appear on their lists.

Promote Your Fetish Photos & Videos on Social Media

Let’s face it, people are addicted to social media. While the average person might spend two and a half hours scrolling, an increasing part of the population only goes offline when they’re sleeping.

Therefore, such platforms will make up the lion’s share of your promotion efforts.

And while a typical social media feed may make your grandma think of them as porn sites, the truth is that most are rather conservative. Break their rules, and you’ll get kicked from the platform faster than a one-pump chump.

Now, you’re probably thinking, How do I make my content sexy enough to get noticed without getting banned?

Well, that’s where the art of seduction comes in. You’ll need to tease your audience just enough to get them interested, but not so much that you get booted.

Each of these has its own rules on what’s too spicy for grandma, so keep reading to learn where that sweet spot is on six of the biggest social networks out there.


Twitter is the perfect playground for those wishing to explore their wild side and get some eyes on their hottest content.

But before you begin, remember that even though its rules are looser than a fisting sub’s back passage, they still exist. So, make sure to set your tweets as sensitive — it’s like putting on a digital rubber.

To do so, simply log into your Twitter account, open the Settings and privacy page, and locate the Safety tab. Then, find the Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive switch, and turn it green.

With that pesky issue taken care of, you can start posting. We recommend doing it once a day to keep your followers engaged and thirsty for more.

Your posts should include a sexy (but not too hardcore) pic, gif, or video of you, two to three relevant hashtags, a fun sentence or two, and a link to your sales platform of choice. Think of them as your marketing equivalent of foreplay.

Speaking of hashtags, here’s an incredibly handy tool for researching them. Either use the options at the top, or scroll to the bottom of the page, click the search bar, and do your own study via an easy-to-follow diagram.

For instance, you can search for femdom, discover some relevant terms, then click on them and find even more.

Hashtags aren’t only good for promotion. You can also use them to find adult content creators within your niche, and use their content for inspiration and reference — just search for a hashtag on Twitter and take notes.

Back on topic, don’t give your content away for free. You’re promoting yourself to increase your sales, not to satisfy the Twitterverse’s cravings — or those of any other social media platform.

Given that you’ll be selling homemade porn, you’ll have one major advantage over the famous pornstars out there. Namely, they won’t typically reply to any DMs, so you’ll come off as much more relatable and approachable — which will help you land customers.

Now, here’s a trick that’s a little controversial, but we’ll spill the tea anyway: the Twitter steal. It’s when you find a model who makes content in the same niche as you, check out their followers, and slide into their DMs, introducing yourself (and your work) to them.


Unlike Twitter, Instagram is a bit of a prude when it comes to naughty stuff. Even a peep of a nip can get you shadowbanned or outright banned!

However, if you’re a fetish content creator, you can turn your profile into a photo feast without fear of getting the hammer! That is the case because many fetishes revolve around innocent concepts, items, or even body parts that the vanilla folk wouldn’t even bat an eye at.

Selling feet pics, for example, falls under the safer side of the kink spectrum. This means that you can make a foot fetish paradise out of your profile without worrying about getting the boot!

But if you’re doing something more explicit, such as Femdom, you’ll want to keep things more family-friendly. In that case, stick to angled or full-body shots of yourself encased in latex or PVC, along with suggestive — but not too dirty — captions that’ll leave your followers craving more.

As a general rule of thumb, if the non-initiated recognize it as porn, don’t post it on Instagram.

To increase your visibility, you’ll need to post regularly and use hashtags like #babe and #sexy to draw attention to your assets. Steer clear of #fetish and #pornstar, though, as they might land you in hot water.

If you need help mastering the hashtag game, check this piece out. Also, like with Twitter above, you can use RiteTag to discover entirely new ones — then use those for both promotion and content research and inspiration.

Also, be sure to respond to all your fans’ comments, not just because it’s good customer service, but because it’ll boost your posts’ reach. Instagram rewards high engagement, after all.

Now, when it comes to linking to your online store, you’ll want to play it safe. Sure, it’s allowed, but Instagram can be pretty arbitrary when it comes to restrictions.

To ensure that you go under that radar, create a Linktree account and add your store(s) to it. Then, just pop that Linktree URL into your Instagram bio.

It’s a foolproof way to make sure that your followers can find the meat of your offer without any pesky restrictions getting in the way.


Even though TikTok isn’t exactly the wildest platform out there, you can still spice up your feed on the platform with a little creativity.

The key lies in keeping your privates covered. As long as you’re not flashing the goods and keeping your posts, captions, and bio relatively PG — minus the words sex, porn, etc. — you’ll stay off the chopping block.

With that out of the way, just jump on the bandwagon and start doing what everyone else is doing. Join in on the hottest challenges, bust a move with the trending dances, and comment on current events.

But wait, there’s more! Take a peek at what other creators are tagging and use those same tags in your own posts.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. For example, the #fakebody tag is pretty popular, but there’s a whole world of other tags out there, waiting for you to discover.

Now, the tricky part with TikTok is that they won’t let you put links in your bio until you’ve got a verified business account with at least 1,000 followers.

You can put a condom on that problem, though. If you’ve added a Linktree URL to your Instagram bio (as explained before), you can just refer your TikTok audience there.

To do so, simply add the caption What you’re looking for is on Instagram to all your TikTok videos. While we admit that the method is a bit complicated, it’ll get the job done until you get that business account.

So, there you have it. With a little creativity and a lot of cover-up, you can join the ranks of the hottest adult content creators on TikTok.


In addition (or perhaps due) to being the coomer capital of the world, Reddit is a great place to promote your fetish photos and videos.

There’s a gigantic variety of NSFW subreddits buried under all that gunk, and you can bet your gimp suit that at least some of them will fit your content like a latex glove. To help you find them, here’s a convenient, community-made spreadsheet.

And if you’re not satisfied with what you discover there, or want to learn more about the topic, feel free to check out The Porn Dude for additional options.

But before posting your sexy content, remember that (despite a good chunk of its content) Reddit is not an adult site by default, so make sure to set your account to NSFW. You wouldn’t want any complications later on, would you?

Once you’ve taken care of that, it’ll be time to get down and dirty — but not before you paste a link to your store into your Reddit profile bio.

Then, you can start posting those samples to fetish subreddits like there’s no tomorrow. When the locals catch a glimpse, they’ll be clamoring for more like a bunch of thirsty sailors on shore leave.

Naturally, they’ll flock to your profile, eager for additional content. Once they do, they’ll find your store — easy as shooting off prematurely after prom night.

Finally, while you should always be friendly, don’t make it a habit to respond to every single DM. It’s a great way to lose time and gain a headache.


Get ready to turn up the heat and spice up your social media game, because Snapchat is the ultimate platform to let loose and show off your personality.

This ain’t your momma’s social media platform. There’s no real formula for success here, but compared to similar websites, Snapchat is all about raw and genuine self-expression.

To make it work for you, just take snaps — picture or video — whenever you feel like it. Show off your seductive moves, tease your followers with a sultry glance, or give them a sneak peek of your latest lingerie set.

Snapchat also supports hashtags, although they aren’t as prevalent as on Twitter or Instagram. For help with finding good ones for your niche, try this resource.

Being yourself is the name of the game here, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Use filters to add some sass and character to your snaps, or simply let your natural beauty do the talking.

With so many bland and uninspired performers saturating the market, Snapchat gives you the chance to show off more than what you do when the lights are off.

Snap that sexy selfie, give the world a glimpse of your wild side, and let your followers fall head over heels for you. Remember, this place isn’t as uptight as Instagram and the like, so you won’t have to be, either.


Discord is not only huge for gaming, but it’s also the perfect place to put the spotlight on your kinky sex games. With its massive selection of servers, there are plenty of communities dedicated to all sorts of kinks.

That’s why exploring NSFW servers and becoming a regular in those that revolve around your niche(s) is definitely worth your time. And if the tool from above fails you, here’s a handful of others: Disboard, Discadia, Top.gg, and DiscordServers.

Just remember not to go too crazy with self-promotion in the chats, or you might get kicked out. And nobody likes a premature exit, do they?

As we’ve pointed out before, the secret to striking big on the fetish market is being genuine. Don’t just sell yourself — show them that you’re a true fetish enthusiast who loves what they do.

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s passionate about their kinks.

Being friendly and spontaneous, showing off your talents, and engaging with your audience will do more than just make direct sales — it will attract a dedicated fanbase who will sing your praises on other fetish servers.

Who knows, they might even suggest that you join them for a little group fun. Riding this wave is a great way to make a name for yourself and create a firm grip on the fetish content market.

How to Maximize the Profitability of Your Fetish Photos & Videos

Use Watermarks

Let’s talk about watermarks, or creating your own personal brand and stamping it all over your juicy content. These won’t exactly eliminate the threat of piracy, but at least everyone will know who made that hot, tantalizing piece of work they’re watching.

And if your content ends up touching them the right way, they’ll likely look you up, eventually finding your store. So, stamp your content with pride, and let the world know what it’s missing.

Quality Over Quantity

You know what they say: it’s not how much you have, it’s how you use it.

Sure, having more content to offer is always good. However, if you keep churning out the same mediocre stuff, you’ll lose your audience faster than an 80-year-old guy loses his model fiancee after going bankrupt.

You want to keep your fans coming back for more, right? Well, then you’ll need to make each photo or video the best it can possibly be.

And if you’re working with sub-par equipment, let’s just say that you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Upgrading your gear as you go along (Camera Decision will help with that) is definitely a good idea — your fans will thank you for it, and so will your wallet.

Speaking of shooting, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right angles. You can’t go wrong with the good old straight-on shot, but you’ll still need to mix it up.

Get creative! Try various angles with different lighting, and keep going until you find the most flattering combinations of poses and ambiance.

Also, the fact that humans perceive 80% of all impressions through sight doesn’t mean that you should neglect sound. Therefore, if you’re making videos, place that mic where it captures your sexy squelches and moans without going haywire.

And here’s a bonus tip: create content when you’re actually horny. That’s when you’re going to be at your best, your most spontaneous, your most real — and your fans will notice that.

Pick a Hot Thumbnail

First impressions are everything, and that’s especially true in the adult content industry. Your thumbnail is like a book cover; it needs to grab the audience’s attention and entice them to explore more.

We’ve mentioned earlier that humans take in 80% of all impressions through their sense of sight. That means that four out of five people who would otherwise buy your content will simply skip it if they don’t find the thumbnails appealing.

So, you’ll want those thumbnails hot enough to make potential buyers stop in their tracks and take notice. We’re talking about something that’s steamy, provocative, and gets the blood flowing.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, use your imagination, and think outside the box when brainstorming these. Make it a point to have 3-5 potential choices for each item you’re selling.

Then, take your time to hand-pick the best ones, and go with those. Keep them clear, sexy, and relevant to the fetish(es) you’re catering to, and you’ll turn heads faster than an interracial erotica fest down in the Bible Belt.

Offer Personalized Content

Personalized content is a game-changer in the world of fetish modeling.

For the buyers, it’s like their very own naughty wish-granting genie. They get to see their favorite kinks in action, filmed especially for them.

For the sellers, it means a whole new revenue stream, which is always a good thing. That condo isn’t going to pay for itself, you know?

As a fetish model, you’ll receive a lot of requests to shoot things in specific ways — from costumes to poses and everything in between. And if you’re willing to fulfill those requests, you’ll be able to charge some serious cash for your efforts.

Think of it as a custom-tailored outfit — but for your buyers, made according to their kinkiest desires. As such, they’ll often be more than willing to fund the necessary equipment (costumes, props, etc.), which you’ll generally get to keep and use in your future content.

So, don’t be shy — give your fans what they want, and watch your earnings soar!

Consider Sexting

Let’s talk dirty… and profitably!

Have you ever considered engaging in a little sexting for cash? Oh, yeah, it’s a thing!

According to Yehuda Berg, words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity for a reason.

Words have energy and power with the ability to help, heal, hinder, hurt, harm, humiliate, and humble, he said. What he left out is that they can also make one horny beyond belief.

Well, with sexting, you can let your imagination run wild and describe a sexual encounter in the most mind-blowing and explicit way possible. The beauty of it is that it allows you to explore desires uninhibited by the constraints of real life.

We’re talking about fantasies that go beyond the bounds of physics, biology, and even common sense. Think growth and shrinking, vore (mmm… being swallowed whole), and physical transformation.

We won’t judge, and neither should you. Embrace your inner kink, and let’s get freaky!

Sell Your Clothes And Equipment Online

Selling your worn-out clothes and equipment online is a great way to make some extra money. By decluttering your space and offering items that you no longer need, you can turn your used belongings into brand-new cash.

Let’s face it, most of your favorite fetish gear wasn’t exactly built to last long. Those silky stockings that hug your legs so tightly will eventually lose their elasticity, and that corset you love so much is bound to get bent out of shape over time.

The more times you don a costume, the more pieces will start to fall off. But don’t despair because there’s a market for your used and abused items!

We’re talking about online marketplaces like Sofia Gray and Kinkie. These sites are bursting with buyers eager to get their hands on used underwear, dirty socks, and sweaty swimsuits — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Stream on Cam Sites

If you want to take a more direct approach with your audience and make some serious cash along the way, why not try your hand at camming?

Admittedly, this requires a bit more effort and engagement than simple content creation. However, a regular income and a dedicated fan base will more than make up for the added workload.

If you’re interested, websites like Chaturbate will let you stream your heart out and reach a whole new audience.

Those who enjoy your streams will be naturally inclined to check out your existing content. Even better, this is a two way street — your existing fans will also be able to check your cam performances, letting you double dip into profits.

If you’d like to work hard and play harder, you’ll love our guides on becoming a cam girl and making money as one.

Stream on Twitch or YouTube

Now, we understand that you might not be into gaming, and that’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to get your audience’s blood pumping on conventional streaming sites.

Dancing, painting, sensual yoga, and naughty cooking classes come to mind, but your choices don’t end there. As anyone who had a hot highschool teacher can attest, you can sexify pretty much anything and get away with it as long as you keep it discreet.

But let’s not forget about the most important part: promoting yourself! You won’t want to leave your fans wanting more without knowing where to find you, right?

That’s why we recommend adding a Linktree URL to your profile, as we’ve covered earlier. Who doesn’t love a one-stop shop for all their pervy desires?

Offer Discounts And Special Deals

What’s hotter than a steamy sale? Nothing, that’s what!

So, why not organize one, then announce it on the more risqué social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit? Give your followers a little tease, and let them know that you’re ready to please.

And when they end up making a purchase with a discount, they’ll keep coming back for more, like a thirsty lover on a hot summer night.

Every now and then, you’ll be able to rinse and repeat this special deals approach to attract new potential buyers.

Just be careful not to overuse this option, or you might piss off your regulars. Being accustomed to buying your work at full price, they won’t feel appreciated if you offer it cheap too often.


Congratulations, you’re all set! You now know that selling fetish photos is not just a niche market but a thriving industry with a vacant spot just for you.

It’s time to whip out your camera and show the kink community what they’re missing! Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a talent you never knew you had, or maybe even a new appreciation for the phrase money shot.

Remember, in the world of fetish photos and videos, there are no limits to what you can do.

Go ahead and embrace your passions, and start capturing those mouth-watering moments that will keep your fans coming back for more.