With its average 450+ million monthly visits, Chaturbate is the fifth most popular adult site in the United States. You’ve probably visited it once or twice, and given that you’re here, chances are that you’ve also wondered how to make money on Chaturbate.

Today, we’re going to answer that question, and guide you through the following:

With all that foreplay behind us, are you ready to learn how to make money on Chaturbate? We hope so, because we’re starting right here!

What Is Chaturbate?

Launched back in 2011, Chaturbate is a webcam business operating as an adult live streaming platform. That means that it’s a place for cam models to throw lewd shows on stream, for a passionate audience.

Some perform solo, others go double trouble and include their partners, or even other cam performers. Horny guys and gals watch those streams, and typically reward the models with platform currency — tokens — which models can withdraw as real-world money.

Because people can potentially develop kinks toward anything, models work out countless ideas on how to make money on Chaturbate.

For example, a popular show type involves a cam girl streaming with an inserted sex toy, which will activate and vibrate when they get tipped. The tip amount will affect the vibration’s power and duration, giving tippers that big dick daddy rush without them having to move a finger — except to touch themselves.

Both sides receive pleasure, and the performer gets paid. What’s not to like?

This intimate and personal vibe is also the main reason why Chaturbate’s users prefer it over traditional tube sites. Cam shows are much more casual than even the most amateur porn flicks, and that’s a selling point for many.

In fact, they are even popular among entrepreneurs looking to start their own cam platforms.

While we’ll go into detail about the site’s features later on, there are some basics that we should get out of the way before we pop that cherry.

How Does Chaturbate Work?

Again, tips on the platform aren’t delivered in any real-world currency. Instead, viewers purchase tokens that they can use to tip creators.

Each token costs around $0.10 to purchase. We say around because they get slightly cheaper the more a user buys at once.

For example, 100 tokens are $10.99, but 750 tokens go for $62.99.

And as you might expect, Chaturbate will take a bite out of that creampie; effectively 50%. In practice, each token you earn as a performer will turn into $0.05 upon withdrawal.

With the tokens explained, let’s proceed to the meat of the matter: shows. In that regard, Chaturbate supports the following:

  • Public shows, which are available to everyone on the site, and will be your main source of tips
  • Private shows that are arranged individually — between you and a single viewer — and paid per minute
  • Spy shows, which are actually private shows that other users can join by paying (per minute) for that privilege.

Like most social media platforms, Chaturbate has the Follow feature. That way, users can decide on their favorite performers, and receive notifications when those performers go live.

For reference, some of the most popular models on the platform have more than 500,000 followers, and can get up to 20,000 viewers at once.

With the basics covered, it’s time to learn the art of cumming — ahem, camming — starting with the equipment.

What Do You Need to Cam?

Cam performer gear falls into two broad categories:

  • The basics that you can’t do without
  • Nice-to-haves, which will elevate your craft — and your viewers’ dongs — if you invest in them

We’ll cover your options for both and give you some general tips, but you shouldn’t consider them cast in stone. Play around with our ideas on how to make money on Chaturbate, and you’ll be sure to stand out.


To make money on Chaturbate, you’ll first need a camera — a real shocker, we know.

Luckily, Chaturbate supports a wide array of stream resolutions. In fact, they go all the way up to 4K, so you’ll have plenty of choice in that regard.

However, we recommend broadcasting in 1080p, as doing so will result in the highest possible stream stability. Shooting higher might result in the classic dick too big, might kill someone situation, which you’ll probably want to avoid.

Either way, you’ll need a camera that can support your preferred quality level. We will cover your main options below.


These days, everyone and their sugar daddy has one. Perhaps you’re even reading our article on how to make money on Chaturbate on it.

Most somewhat recent high-end devices — or even modern budget devices — will be solid camming choices. If you’ve got something in the range of an iPhone 8 or a Samsung S9 or above, you’re good.

However, you’ll still need to upgrade to a more advanced camera as your channel grows. Can’t expect your first dildo to still work its magic years later, right?


Next in our long list of surprises: a webcam is also a good solution for camming.

As you’re probably aware, these are tiny cameras that connect to your computer over a USB port. If you want one, look for a 1080p webcam that supports 30fps and has good reviews.

As another potential reason to get a good camera, you’ll find it useful later, if you decide to branch out into creating and selling your own homemade porn flicks or sex tapes.

Before you click buy, though, make sure that your future webcam is compatible with your device. If your laptop only has USB-C ports, getting a USB-A camera can be a real kick to the groin.


No, DSLRs have nothing to do with the fetish genre; at least not unless you use one to make such content.

These cameras are popular for shooting movies and most professional YouTube videos, so you’ve certainly seen their results. They do have a downside, though: the good ones start at around $600, and the price keeps engorging from there.

In addition (and despite their cost), they won’t let you stream on their own. You’ll still need to connect your DSLR to a computer, so we recommend putting this purchase off until you’re making comfortable numbers.

Camera Software

With the hard parts done, it’s time to briefly mention the software you’ll need to make money on Chaturbate.

Now, given how many different video capture solutions exist, covering every possible option here would be impossible. Instead, we advise that you take a look at Chaturbate’s support page.

There, they recommend specific capture cards and programs that’ll give you the best possible video and stream quality. Just as importantly, they fully explain how to set up your software, so that you won’t go down on stream.


While you could technically scrape by without a tripod, we still recommend getting one.

They’re quite cheap (phone models go for as little as $6, and DSLR variants are just a bit pricier), and will make hitting good camera angles a whole lot simpler, while leaving your hands free for more… entertaining tasks.

If you can’t get a tripod but still wish to run with a fixed camera angle, though, you can always improvise. Lay your phone or camera near a wall, rest it against a book pile, or use another heavy item that you have on hand.

Just make sure to keep the camera stable, as you won’t want it falling over in the middle of the show. A close-up of your rug probably won’t be a scene your audience will enjoy — no matter how many lesbians are in it.

Ring Light (Optional)

Ring lights are just what they sound like — ring-shaped lamps. If you frequent TikTok, you’ve probably seen them countless times.

They give off a pleasant sun-like shine, and will make your cam shows look much more professional.

Even better, they’re not expensive at all. You can get an RGB ring light for $20, and cheaply expand your lighting opportunities like Danny D expands his female co-stars.

Interactive Vibrator (Optional)

Let’s be honest; the reason you’re looking into how to make money on Chaturbate is twofold: to pay the bills, and to get off. A great way to get both would be to invest in an interactive vibrator.

Not only can you slip one (or more, if you’re feeling adventurous) of these into yourself, but you can also sync them with your stream. That way, when someone tips you, the vibrators will go off — and the bigger the tip, the stronger the vibration will be!

Chaturbate recommends a handful of different interactive vibrator brands. However, you’ll most often see Lovense vibrators, as they’re cheap, effective, and widely available.

Making an Account

To lay the foundation for your empire of simps, head over to Chaturbate’s registration page and choose a username. You’ll want it catchy, but you absolutely shouldn’t go with a username you’ve got on mainstream social media sites — unless you’re okay with Grandma seeing your dildo collection when someone you know puts two and two together.

With that done, you’ll need to verify that you’re old enough to drink — alcohol and bodily fluids alike. You’ll do so by submitting a photo or scan of any government-issued photo ID, along with a picture of you holding up the ID with your face visible.

Size may not matter between the sheets, but your ID scan or photo will have to be clear enough for the smallest lettering to be legible. If the document has relevant info on both sides, you’ll need to provide pictures of both the front and back.

The other picture will also have to be clear, so that there’s no question about whether or not you’re the person on the ID you’re holding. If you plan on wearing heavy makeup or cosplay in your streams, you can wear that look in this photo, to avoid identification issues later down the line.

With all that done, your account will soon be up, verified, and sporting a shiny NEW tag.

Starting Your First Stream

Everyone loves rubbing one out on a fresh face. That’s why we suggest doing your first show while you’ve still got the aforementioned NEW tag; you’ll snag more viewers.

Now, whether you’ll be streaming via phone or camera (webcam or DSLR, connected to your computer), you’ll start the process pretty much the same way. Just navigate to Chaturbate via your browser, log in, and click the broadcast button.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can tweak your stream settings. Once you’re happy with them, go ahead and start the show.

Entertaining Your Audience

While no viewer will be laying a finger on you, your show will still be a sex act. As such, it’ll require foreplay.

Yep, you shouldn’t just plunge right into playing with yourself. Instead, you’ll want to entice your audience; give them an appetizer before the main course.

Not only will it get them in the mood, but it’ll also help your business. After all, if you bare yourself and give everyone what they want in advance, why would they pay up?

If that’s what you prefer, you might as well get on Pornhub and make actual porn — in which case, we’ve got another guide for you.

Ideally, you’ll start the stream dressed in lingerie, underwear, or some other sexy get-up that still leaves quite a bit to the imagination. This will give your audience a taste of what’s to come — and what they may get by swiping their cards.

Setting incentives will be the name of the game no matter what you’re doing. Examples include taking off a piece of clothing for every 100 tokens, or jumping straight to masturbation for 500.

And if you have something special in mind (like an interactive vibrator), you should immediately set goals for it. For instance, if 100 tokens will translate into additional 10% vibration strength, you’ll want to establish that rule.

Avoid verbally asking for tips, as that might come off as pushy. If you’re servicing the bratty camgirl niche, though, feel free to let the bitch out of the bag!

Private and Spy Shows

Once you build up a respectable (yet horny) audience, you’ll be able to start offering private shows. They are paid per minute, and fans will directly reach out to you to arrange them.

There’s no need for these to scare you. If you can put on a performance in front of several people, doing it for one will be a cake walk.

Just remember to be nice, play up the tease factor, and — before everything else — give the client a great time.

To keep things exciting, any private show can potentially become a spy show. This happens when a third person pays a special fee for the privilege of peeking behind that keyhole for a taste of what they shouldn’t be getting.

A private show can have more than one peeping tom, and most cam sites fully support the spy show feature. You won’t have to do anything to enable it.

Namely, while one of your private shows is taking place, its teaser will be automatically displayed, both on the front page and to your followers. That way, your private performances will bring in more than big bucks; they’ll also expose you to additional viewers.

Now, while you’ll be able to set your rates for both of these show types, don’t make them too expensive. Instead, you can (and should) gradually increase your prices as your follower count rises.

For starters, we suggest going with 60 tokens per minute, and taking things steady from there.

Maximizing Earnings

Everything you’re read until now will answer most of your questions on how to make money on Chaturbate. However, to fully capitalize on your title as the queen (or king) of simps, you should apply the tips below.

Check your viewers’ colors. Those with light and dark purple coloring are Chaturbate’s big dick players. They’ve spent a whole lot of tokens over the last week, so catering to their requests is usually a good idea.

On the other hand, gray users don’t currently have any tokens on their balance. While that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat them nicely (after all, anyone on the site is a potential customer), you should know that doing so probably won’t give you immediate tips.

Start each stream with prepared tipping incentives. Think ahead, and establish donation goals for the entire run of every show. The more reasons you give your viewers to tip, the more likely they’ll be to do so.

Engage and play with your viewers. Invite them to give you dares in exchange for tips, or do minor giveaways. For instance, you could throw a donation contest, with the winner getting a special private show.

Branch out. Chaturbate isn’t monogamous, and you won’t have to be, either. Starting an OnlyFans account, offering used underwear for sale, or selling sexting services are all great ways to diversify your audience and revenue streams.

That way, your viewers can potentially graduate to full-on customers. Even better, your OnlyFans will provide you with quite a bit of passive income as you gain new subscribers.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve done one or a few shows and have reached the minimum threshold of $50, you’ll be able to request a payout.

Chaturbate usually sends out money twice a month, but you can request yours early, if needed. They handle these via ePayments, direct deposits, checks sent by mail, or Paxum.

Promoting Your Chaturbate Account

Despite how you might feel about social networks, they’re still one of the best possible ways of funneling potential customers toward your business. As you might expect, though, not every platform will look kindly upon — or even allow — adult posts of any sort.

Also, the platforms with the widest reach won’t be adult friendly, and vice-versa. So, to hit that sweet spot and gush into the adult entertainment scene, you’ll need to strike a balance between tame and wild.

In practice, this means picking a social network and publishing posts that are raunchy enough to attract an audience, while still falling under that platform’s terms of service. And the more websites you can keep that up on, the better.

If you happen to already have a following on a social media platform, you absolutely should promote yourself there! Getting a chunk of your existing fanbase to check out your cam shows will always be easier than luring complete strangers into your online cavern of lust.

That being said, you can’t go wrong with honing a presence on the websites below.


Contrary to what most think, there’s more to Reddit than fedoras and memes — at least when it comes to porn. Scratch below the surface, and you’ll find a plethora of throbbing adult subcommunities, ready to blow at the slightest touch.

One of these is the CamSluts subreddit, which is always open to cam performers of all kinds and kinks. And if you feel around just a little bit more, you find plenty of similar ones.

Promoting yourself on Reddit is simple, and only includes two steps:

  • Add your Chaturbate profile URL to your Reddit bio
  • Post pictures or videos of yourself to the relevant subreddits — like the one from above

Horny coomers who enjoy your little teases will eventually check out your cam shows. Give them a good performance, and you’ll quickly turn those redditors into regulars.


If Twitter can get Elon Musk to spend billions, it’ll easily send viewers your way when you rub it just right.

To get started, link your Chaturbate profile in your bio — like we’ve explained for Reddit, above.

Now, while Twitter will let you post pretty much anything that isn’t outright illegal, you absolutely shouldn’t post whole ass porn flicks on it. As a cam performer, you’ll already be handing out enough free samples during group shows.

Instead, you should post pictures of yourself, screencaps taken from your streams, or video clips, and properly tag them. Use general porn tags such as #pussy or #fingering, as well as descriptive ones, such as, #petite, #camgirl, #redhead, etc.


What’s the difference between Instagram and your Mormon uncle? That’s right; the former will let you promote your Chaturbate profile, despite both being entirely against adult content.

It may sound weird, but as long as you don’t post any nudity, Instagram will neither ban nor restrict your account. In fact, they’ll promote it on the explore page if their algorithm picks it up.

In this case, though, you won’t want to link your Chaturbate profile directly in your bio. Instead, you should use a service like LinkTree to hide that URL under a layer of abstraction, and avoid getting banned.

With that done, post pictures of yourself in swimsuits or underwear, and avoid using explicit tags like #slut or #pussy. Instead, go for more subdued ones, like #beautiful or #sexy.


TikTok and Chaturbate are like your local minister and Buddhist sister.

The longer you leave them in each other’s presence, the likelier the whole thing will be to go tits up. However, if you keep them separate and choose your words carefully, you’ll enjoy being on the good side of both.

But let’s get practical. You can make videos wearing a bikini or non-transparent underwear on TikTok, as long as you don’t show off your junk or nips.

Also, make sure not to use words like sex, porn, or even sexy anywhere on your profile, or as text in your video. Doing so may cause TikTok’s algorithm to skip your content, completely wasting your efforts.

As for what you should do, just follow what’s hot at the moment. Is a dance making some noise on the platform? Film your own version, then do it again with another trend!

The idea is simple: you hint your goods like a good girl or boy, and the audience follows you over to Chaturbate. However, doing so here is even more difficult than on Instagram, as TikTok won’t let you use the Linktree trick before you hit at least 1,000 followers and apply for a business account.

Until you reach that milestone, you can simply add a What you’re looking for is on Instagram caption to your videos. Assuming that you’ve added your Linktree URL to your Instagram bio, your TikTok viewers will easily find you on Instagram through the built-in Instagram icon on your TikTok profile, then follow the Linktree link from there to Chaturbate, notably boosting your reach.


In summary, in order to make money on Chaturbate, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the platform, get the required (and possibly additional) gear, learn how to entertain your audience, find the right balance of public and private shows for you, take steps toward maximizing your earnings, and promote yourself on social media.

So, while the answer to the question of how to make money on Chaturbate may seem like quite a bit of work, once all the moving parts are in place, all you’ll need to do is stream and promote. Those will soon become your second nature, and you’ll be raking in more dough than an Italian chef!