Although the idea might sound weirder than your parents’ bedroom after midnight, selling feet pictures to make money is actually a huge and ever-growing trend.

More and more adult models, porn stars, influencers, and even girls next door are taking up the gig to make quick, easy bucks. In fact, it’s become so popular that even TikTok is all about it.

And why wouldn’t it be?

It’s a safe and easy way to make money that lets you fully control what you do and how much you do it, while remaining completely anonymous if you wish. You make everything happen from the comfort of your home, at your own terms and schedule, with no initial investment.

If the above has you aching for more, keep reading, and we’ll cover:

In quickie terms, the answer is yes.

Feet pics aren’t explicit in nature, and do not fall under the porn umbrella. Therefore, they aren’t restricted by law anywhere in the world, unless you make them explicit by adding nips, your crotch, etc. into the shot.

However, their legal status does come with a few caveats. Namely, you won’t be able to sell feet pictures and make money unless you’re of legal age in your country.

This isn’t the case because of any sex thing. Instead, it’s a consequence of the fact that minors can’t do business.

So, while taking and selling feet pictures might not feel like work, it definitely involves transactions that — depending on your income and location — may be taxable events.

Therefore, you should wait until you turn 18 (or the age of majority in your country) before starting your feet pic hustle. That way, you’ll avoid getting the government on your back.

Similarly, if you’re in a developing country with strict religious laws, you may want to check those laws in detail. While feet pictures don’t count as porn, they may still fall under indecency laws in places such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, etc.

Is Selling Feet Pictures a Real Business? Who Even Buys Them?

Unlike what you might expect, foot fetishists won’t be the only people interested in your feet pictures. In fact, the majority of such content on the market isn’t made for those particular men and women of culture.

Instead, the pics will end up on popular stock photo websites like Shutterstock — which offers more than 2.4 million foot photos, by the way.

That is the case because various businesses from all over the world may use feet pictures. Some examples include:

  • Shoe companies
  • Healthcare websites
  • Modeling agencies (looking for foot models)
  • Jewelry sites (selling foot jewelry)
  • Travel websites
  • Nail art companies
  • Massage parlors and studios
  • Foot product companies

However, if you’re looking to sell feet pics and make money online, you should expect most of your clientele to be people who crave toes, soles, and other finer things in life.

That’s a good thing, though, because they’re typically impulsive buyers, ready to spend quite a bit of cash when the mood strikes.

Which brings us to the next question: how much can you earn by selling feet pictures online?

How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

As you might expect, feet pic prices vary based on content, who’s selling them, and where. As a new creator, however, you can expect to earn around $1-$5 per picture or subscription.

While setting your prices higher to make more per sale may seem like a good idea, going a bit more accessible for a consistent income will almost always be better.

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that ten $6 sales per day are better than one $50 sale every two weeks.

That being said, if you happen to have a picture out for a higher price — $10, for example — you shouldn’t make it cheaper, especially if it already made sales.

Doing so would devalue your content in your buyers’ eyes, not to mention making those who had already bought it at full price feel scammed. Instead, just consider it a luxury item, and price your newer pics more accordingly.

Remember, your following — however large or small — will form the backbone of your business, and you won’t want to get on their bad side.

While $1 or $5 per photo may not seem like much, you should know that selling feet pics is all about volume. You can easily make hundreds of photos during a single shoot and infinitely reproduce and resell each one.

This means that there’s virtually no limit on how much you can earn from them.

Feet models like Goregeousaur, Pilifeetnas, Stella Liberty, and others are making a killing. With just a bit of effort, you could walk over and join that prestigious club on your own two feet.

How to Sell Feet Pictures Online: Basic Requirements

Selling feet pictures to make money is much easier than many other side hustles. However, you’ll still require some gear to do it well, especially if you intend to take the gig seriously.

Luckily, chances are that you already have everything you’ll need. Even if you don’t, though, you can get started for cheap!

Feet Care

To get any kind of mileage from the biz, you’ll have to keep your feet pampered. Clean them properly, soak and exfoliate them often (to remove dead skin cells), and moisturize them regularly.

If you’re dealing with yellow toenails, apply the recommended antifungal treatment. On the other hand, if you have any non-fungal discoloration, you can remove it with a bit of whitening toothpaste.

Another thing to look out for is keeping your toenails short but not too short; doing so could cause ingrowth.

In addition, trim your cuticles and apply nail polish before each photoshoot. Be generous with polish but don’t slather it on, as foot clown porn still isn’t a thing.

Next, consider a professional pedicure at least once a month, and avoid walking barefoot. You don’t want to risk injuring or damaging that money-making skin.

Finally, if your nails just won’t behave, get some press-ons and hide them like an illegitimate child in the south.

To summarize, always have the following feet care products on hand:

  • Nail polish or press-on nails
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Antifungal cream or toothpaste
  • Nail clippers


You’ll obviously need to take pictures before you can sell them, and that’s where a camera comes in. Here’s the kicker, though — you can just use your phone!

Yep, most modern, higher-end smartphones are more than adequate for taking simple feet pics. If you get your angles and lighting right, they’ll give you results comparable to those of expensive cameras.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a modern smartphone or want the highest possible quality, a DSLR is your big dick option. These powerful digital cameras are cheaper than ever, and they can create movie-quality images with little effort on your part.

However, while they aren’t as expensive as they used to be, decent-quality DSLRs still start at around $500. So, they may not be the best choice if you already have an alright phone or want a cheaper start.


If you wish to take sole or close-up shots, you’ll almost certainly need one of these leggy boys. They’ll add stability to your pictures and make exciting angles much better and easier to pull off while being relatively cheap.

To illustrate, a good phone tripod goes for approximately $15. In contrast, an alright camera model can be yours for less than $20, while great ones hover around $80.

Needless to say, they’re worthwhile investments.

If you’re dead-set on not parting with your pocket change, though, that’s alright. You can still make do by using household objects for some additional stability.

For instance, you could place your phone or camera next to a wall, book, or another heavy item. As long as it doesn’t fall over during the shoot, it’s alright — although some shaking should be expected.

If your pics keep coming out blurry, though, and you end up scrapping most of what you take during a session, then a tripod may in fact be necessary.


Even the finest camera in the world, mounted on a top-tier tripod, will need proper lighting to fully capture the glory of a well-groomed pair of feet. If you need proof, check what happens to celebrities when they’re badly lit.

Sure, you can photoshop bad pics, but why would you? Taking great shots, to begin with, is much easier, more satisfying, and a better use of your time.

So, if you have a window, yard, or patio that often gets good natural lighting, you’re already halfway there.

However, you’ll want to avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight. Instead, aim for the golden hour — the time just before the sun sets or rises — to give your photos a warm and inviting look.

You can also use your camera’s flash, which should create decent, if unspectacular pics. Another option is experimenting with candles, lamps, and other light sources for more atmospheric works.

Your household lighting could also do the trick. However, we suggest avoiding harsh overhead lights, as they can make your pictures look cheap.

A ring light is a particularly great way to shine up your feet pics. These are cheap, ring-shaped LED lamps that most content creators use to get natural, yet focused, lighting during recording sessions.

They’re quite accessible, and you can get a small RGB ring light for just $20. Even a low-end one will open up many opportunities for exotic and exciting pictures.

Try playing with different colors, brightness levels, and lighting angles, and see what gives you the best results. Write those down, so that you can reproduce and modify those results in the future.

Finally, regardless of your findings, you should always take at least a few pics in plain, white light. Those shots will catch the finest details, and will be popular among most feet fans.

How to Take Your Feet Pictures to the Next Level

We’ve only just covered the bare essentials you’ll need to sell feet pics and make money online. To truly make the most out of your career and have fans go head over heels for you, keep reading.

Foot Poses & Angles

Before hitting click for the first time, you’ll want to learn about the many different poses and angles that successful foot models are using in their pics. To that end, look up big shots like Goregeousaur, Pilifeetnas, and Stella Liberty, and put them under a magnifying glass.

Check their Instagram profiles in detail, make note of their most-liked pictures, and think about how you can make something similar on your own.

Indeed, the limit to what you can do with feet pics is wider than your leg span. Just to give you a starting point, though, here are some popular positions and angles.


  • Feet crossed
  • Feet next to each other
  • Feet spaced apart
  • Toes pointed
  • Toes spread apart
  • Toes crossed
  • Kicking shoes off


  • Sitting on the floor, couch, or chair
  • Standing
  • Leaning on a wall
  • Lying down on your back
  • Lying on stomach
  • Lying on side
  • Top of foot
  • Feet soles

What’s particularly cool about selling feet pictures to make money online is the option of doing it entirely incognito. Namely, if you don’t like the idea of showing your face in your shots, you won’t have to do it.

Just keep in mind that going Black Noir will shave some value off your overall earnings — especially long-term. Simply, people enjoy knowing whose feet pics they’re buying, and not giving them that pleasure will turn some away.

If you insist on keeping up the mystery, though, you should be careful when experimenting with angles. You might accidentally take a great-looking pic and put it up for sale, only to later realize that you’ve blown your cover.

There will be more on protecting your privacy, later.


Props are an easy way to improve your feet pictures and make them more interesting and appealing to potential buyers. They’re also inexpensive and easy to use, so you should definitely consider some of the following to enrich your content:

Jewelry: Common foot jewelry includes toe rings, anklets, etc. They add a feminine appeal that many potential clients will find arousing.

Candles: We’ve already mentioned that candles can help with lighting, but that’s not all they’re good for. Namely, you can use them to add some spice to your background, or even drip melted wax on your feet for a sensual (yet messy) vibe.

Flowers: Spreading flowers around — and over — your feet is an easy way to invoke a gentle and natural atmosphere that your more artistically-inclined fans will appreciate.

Ribbons: Similarly, colorful ribbons can also add a gentle and sensual vibe to your photos.

Temporary tattoos: Tattoos make a bold statement and accentuate the curves on your feet, but may not appeal to all buyers. As a compromise, temporary tats are a great way to sport a goth look from time to time.

Socks and stockings: Given that you’re considering selling feet pics to make money online, your wardrobe is likely full of these. Wear them for an everyday look, and consider investing in some elegant or sexy stockings, for maximum appeal.

Shoes: High-heeled shoes are every man’s dream, and the red-blooded guys in your audience will greatly appreciate seeing you in them. Just make sure that the shoes don’t cover too much skin, as that may create the opposite effect.


The background can make or break a feet pic. To avoid the latter, always keep yours clean and visually appealing.

However, being mainly there to help your feet stand out, a background shouldn’t be overwhelming or too detailed. Therefore, avoid colorful tiles, bedding, or anything that may drive the viewer’s attention elsewhere.

If you plan to show your feet in a mirror, make sure that there are no dirty spots or marks on it. Cleaning its surface will only take a minute, and will greatly improve your photo’s aesthetic appeal.

As always, experimentation will take you far. If you need a head start, though, here are some simple ideas for backgrounds that you can use in your feet pictures:

  • Sand
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Carpet
  • White bedding
  • Grass

Watermarks & Previews

There’s no better way to attract an audience than by showing off what you’ve got. The more people see your goods, the more your fanbase will grow.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to — or even should — hand your feet pics out for free.

No, what we suggest is picking out some of your images and using them to create previews. You can go about that in many ways, but we recommend the following:

  • Blurring, where you’d blur a small or larger portion of the image
  • Watermarking, meaning that you’d apply an emoji, text (such as your professional name), or your logo (if you have one) to a prominent part of the picture

When making previews, your goal should be to hint at what you’re offering without revealing the best parts. You can create them on your camera, or via computer software such as Paint or Photoshop.

If you can’t choose between blurring and watermarking, we suggest the latter, as it will prevent people from stealing your photos and passing them off as their own.

And if yours happen to contain your professional name or logo, you’ll even benefit from them being passed around — as free promotion.

Fetish Content (Optional)

Selling feet pictures to make money online isn’t too difficult of a gig, but it’s not effortless, either. So, if you don’t like the idea of challenging big shots at their own game, you can take the opposite approach.

To elaborate, producing specific, fetish imagery for a select clientele is a sure way to differentiate yourself from your competition. While such content won’t necessarily be for everyone, the ladies and gents with peculiar tastes will pay quite a bit to get it.

So, what counts as fetish imagery when you’re already working within the foot fetish niche? Well, some popular examples include:

  • Dirty feet
  • Stepping on (and smooshing) different fruits
  • Oiled-up feet
  • Painted feet
  • Sucking on your own toes
  • Feet in bondage
  • Dominating a person

If you’d like more ideas, or simply dislike guesswork, we suggest simply announcing that you’re open to custom requests. Sticky that announcement on your social media and store profiles, so that potential clients can’t miss it.

As a result, not only will you expand your catalog and make more money, but you’ll also get closer to your fans. After all, few gestures say that you appreciate someone like a personalized pic that acts out their greatest fantasy.

This approach does have a downside, though, as hardcore fetish pics won’t exactly be sought after on the mainstream market. If you’re not shooting for stock sites, though, this minus won’t necessarily be relevant for you.

Now that you know everything about footography, it’s time to choose where you’ll sell those feet pics to make money. This step is crucial, as picking a dying or unpopular site can ruin your chances of getting big and making huge bucks.

Luckily, we’ve picked out the two best places to sell pictures of your feet.

And if they don’t tickle you the right way, you’ll find a long list of smaller — but also worthwhile — platforms after them.


By far the biggest site for selling feet pictures, FeetFinder started out in 2020 and quickly reached mainstream success. Today, it’s among the 250 most popular adult sites in the world — incredible for a niche website covering a single fetish.

However, it’s important to note that FeetFinder does not allow nudity.

While your pictures can include underwear, sex toys, bras, or different body parts, they should focus on feet. Either way, no genitalia or breasts are allowed.

The site offers many categories and filters, and buyers will easily find you if you properly tag your content. So, use all applicable tags, and you’ll get sales in no time!

FeetFinder lets users sell individual pictures and videos, or whole subscriptions. That means that you’ll be able to choose and fine-tune your content strategy.

In addition, you can set a wide range of prices for your pics — as low as $4 and as high as $100.

FeetFinder takes a 20% sales cut, but they also charge a small monthly subscription fee. To register as a seller, you’ll need to send them a photo of your ID and face, after which you’ll be able to purchase a plan.

Regarding those, a monthly plan is $4, while $15 will set you up for a whole year’s worth of membership.

And with all that done, you’ll be able to finally start selling feet pictures to make money online.


Payment-wise, FeetFinder offers bank transfers and Paxum. If you’re outside the US, though, you’ll have to use Paxum since Segpay — their bank transfer partner — only supports transfers made to US banks.

At just $30, the platform has a decently low minimum payout threshold. Automatic payouts are processed weekly, but you can request one at any time, as long as your balance equals or exceeds $30.


OnlyFans was started back in 2016 to become the go-to place for adult creators and their paying audiences. Given that it’s since experienced the kind of growth that would make the creators of Viagra jealous, it’s safe to call the site a smashing success.

Where there’s adult content, there are feet pics, and OnlyFans is no exception. The site’s lax content policies and broad audience make selling foot pics easy for anyone who wants to do so.

And since OnlyFans is an adult site, they take no issue with nudity, which gives you plenty of variety in terms of what you can sell there.

The site isn’t perfect, though, and its biggest downside is the fact that it won’t promote you. OnlyFans’ homepage (and every other page) doesn’t feature any creators, and won’t give newbies any chance to directly market themselves.

That fact alone makes it a difficult place to get started on. However, if you’re a creator with an existing audience, you’ll find it a breeze to sell feet pictures and make money on the platform.

Monetization-wise, OnlyFans supports both monthly subscriptions and pay-per-view (or directly selling) content.

Subscriptions are by far the more popular option, and you can price them as high as $50. However, most creators looking to grow will see more success setting them lower, at around $5.

OnlyFans takes a 20% cut from all sales on the site. Unlike on FeetFinder, though, you won’t need to pay any money to set up shop.

As a result, starting out with OnlyFans is a quick and simple process. You simply register, provide a photo of your ID, and you’re good to go!


OnlyFans only offers payouts via bank transfer, making it a bit tedious for international creators to get their money. That being said, their minimum threshold is only $20, and you can request a payout at any time.

Additional Platforms Where You Can Sell Feet Pictures

Platform Traffic Commission Payout 8.2M 20% Bank transfer, Paxum
AllThingsWorn 96.3K 0%* N/A
LoyalFans 92.8K 20% ACH, wire transfer, SEPA, Paxum
FanCentro 92.3K 20% SEPA, ACH, checks, wire transfers, USDT, Paxum and Skrill
SofiaGray 92.2K 0%* N/A
JustForFans 77.6K 20% Bank transfer, Paxum, cryptocurrency
MyDirtyHobby 61.5K 50% Depends on location
IsMyGirl 53K 50% Wire transfer, direct deposit, checks, electronic transfer, Paxum
BentBox 40.3K 35% Bank transfers, cryptocurrency, Amazon gift cards
Feetify 14.8K 0%* N/A
Kinkie 14.2K 0%* N/A
Feetpics 5.7K 0%* N/A

Aside from the websites listed above, you could also try stock photo markets like Shutterstock, Foap, and Zazzle. However, keep in mind that these platforms are primarily used by companies, not foot fetishists.

As a result, competition will be harsh on them, as they’ll feature many professional foot models and their photos. Therefore, your earnings on them will be lower, and you’ll find it more difficult to build a loyal audience.

Sell Feet Pictures Independently

If none of the above makes you weak at the knees, you can always turn to selling feet pictures independently. In that regard, you have two options: sell the pictures on social media, or do it over your own website.

Going indie does come with two potential complications, though.

First, since you won’t be using a platform with an automated sales system, you’ll have to negotiate and arrange payouts with each individual client.

However, working over your own website with a built-in store will completely fix this issue. We’ll say more about that, later.

Second, you’ll need to set up an external payment method to accept your money. Luckily, the approach we’ll explain below will have you covered wherever you decide to sell.

How to Sell Your Feet Pics With Unlockt

As a specialized app for online sales, Unlockt is your all-in-one solution for independent feet pic selling.

Using the app is simple; after installing and starting it up, you’ll find yourself on the initial import screen. There, you’ll see an Add Media section, a Set Price block, and a Generate Link button.

To start, tap the Add Media surface, which will open up a browsing menu. Using it, locate and mark the file(s) you wish to sell, and confirm your selection.

You’ll be returned to the initial screen with the selected files visible. Next, click the amount in the Set Price block, and enter your price.

With that done, tap Generate Link. The screen will change, and you’ll see a URL underneath a blurry version of the media section, with a Copy Link button further below.

By clicking the button, you can conveniently copy that link before sending it to your buyer via your messenger app of choice.

To unlock the files for download, they’ll need to pay the price you set. Once they do, you’ll receive the money, and they’ll get the file(s).

The app is free to install, but it does take a 20% cut from all your transfers.

Social Media

Most social media platforms don’t have anything against feet pics, or even promoting them for sale. This makes it very easy to nab an audience from the most mainstream places on the net!

We recommend the following social media platforms for selling feet pics:

With each platform, your strategy will be pretty much the same. Namely, you’ll be posting previews along with relevant hashtags, and informing whoever sees them that the full versions can be bought by contacting you.

And once you arrange a sale, you’ll handle both the exchange and the payment over Unlockt, as explained above.

To save yourself time on price negotiation, it’d be good to list the prices in your bio — along with a link to your store profile.

The aforementioned hashtags will drive traffic to your posts. You can also generate additional hype by participating in foot fetish communities to build up your brand.

Speaking of hashtags, here are some popular ones that you should incorporate into your posts:

  • #feetpic
  • #buyfeetpics
  • #instafeet
  • #feetfeetfeet
  • #foottok
  • #feetlove
  • #solesandtoes
  • #feetpicsbuyerwanted
  • #feetworship

In addition, we’re listing a handful of useful communities that you can join on Reddit:

Having dedicated accounts for your business is a great idea whether or not you’re selling pictures over social media.

That way, even if you’re entirely based around FeetFinder, OnlyFans, or another sales platform, you’ll still benefit from the hype you’re generating on mainstream channels.

Remember, promotion is what drives buyers to your goods. And these days, social media buzz is the essence of promotion.

So, if you want to maximize your earnings, we recommend selling both on dedicated websites and social media platforms.

Admittedly, building up and managing accounts everywhere will take a fair bit of time. Once they’re operational, though, you’ll be able to repost and resell your content on many different websites, and significantly increase your total earning potential.

Your Own Custom Adult Site

If you already have a sizable audience, you could skip the aforementioned platforms, cut out the middleman, and start your own site. While this may seem like a hardcore option, it’s worth considering for the tremendous benefits that it brings.

The first (and most obvious) of those perks is that you’ll be operating on your own terms. Namely, as long as what you’re doing falls within your adult-friendly hosting provider’s terms of service, you’ll be free to structure your site and content however you like.

For instance, you’ll be able to run ads and sponsorships for additional income, feature other creators, or even branch out to different content niches.

Second, you’ll also be your own boss regarding payment methods, and nobody will be able to take a cut from your earnings. Since foot pics aren’t against most popular payment providers’ terms of service, you’ll easily be able to include everything from PayPal to your Amazon Wishlist.

If you want a particularly secure and discreet payment solution, though, you can’t go wrong with one of our best adult payment processors. Unlockt will work, as well, if you don’t mind doing each exchange manually.

Finally, building up your brand will be much easier. Since your site will be yours and yours alone, you’ll be able to design it any way you like.

This includes customizing your logo and visuals, adding links to your other platforms, editing or deleting content at will, etc.

And you won’t have to be neck-deep in code to do it. In fact, ModelX — our specialized WordPress theme — has everything you’ll need to start your own website quickly, easily, and affordably.

To make your website the best in the biz, just drop us a message!

The Right Time for Starting Your Custom Adult Site

The aforementioned benefits sure are enticing, but they still come with a relatively high price tag. Therefore, creators who are just starting out shouldn’t jump at the chance of making their own adult website.

If you’re still a greenhorn foot model, you should instead focus on building up a following on another platform. Then, once you’re raking in decent amounts, you can reinvest into a striking website to sell feet pics and make money on.

And if you’re worried about your audience not migrating with you, you can offer incentives such as lower prices for old fans who take that leap.

Even with these discounts, your overall earnings shouldn’t decrease. After all, you’ll be saving 20% or more on commissions that platforms generally take from content creators.

How to Market Your Feet Pics

If you want to become foot modeling royalty, you’ll need to promote and market your feet pics. And fortunately, you’ll find that a lot easier than most — if not all — adult content sellers.

Because feet won’t raise many eyebrows on social media, you’ll have free reign in raising awareness about your pic-selling hustle.

In practical terms, everything we wrote when talking about social media and previews also goes here. So, do the following:

  1. Create enticing previews
  2. Post them on social media
  3. Include relevant hashtags in those posts
  4. Inform the audience that full versions are up for sale

Whether you’ll be selling over major platforms, the social media networks in question, or your own site won’t really matter. Once you’ve got the audience’s attention, they’ll gladly go where your goods are.

Speaking of goods and sales platforms, you’ll want to increase your visibility on those platforms if you’re using them.

The best way to do so is by writing evocative titles and descriptions for your photos. Use playful and flirty language to further entice potential buyers, and always include a call to action.

That way, your work will appear among the top results for everyone looking for foot fetish content, and they’ll be inspired to contact you.

In addition, you can use foot fetish-themed websites and forums to share snippets of your work and engage with people. Remember, they are your target audience, so getting to know them better and moving in their circles can only have a positive effect.

Once you get familiar with them, you can easily direct them to your online store of choice. If you’re willing to take this step, check out websites like Wikifeet, Foot Fetish Forum, and CrazyForFeet.

Words of Caution: Protect Your Privacy & Avoid Scams

If you’d like to keep your identity under wraps, here are some helpful tips. In fact, you may want to follow a few of them even if you wish to be open about your career and put your feet front and center.

The first one should be obvious; never do business over your personal social media accounts.

Sure, using them might be tempting if you’ve got a decent network of acquaintances set up. However, we advise against that even if you don’t care about privacy.

Having requests for feet pics pop up right next to messages from friends and family can and will be awkward. Instead, separate your personal and private lives.

Always set up new social media accounts and gradually build them up. Taking off the ground may take a bit longer, but it’s a sacrifice worth making for your peace of mind.

Secondly, don’t show your face in the photos.

One of the many great things about foot pictures is how easy it is to hide your identity in them. Even if they are leaked or shown to your friends or family, chances are that no one will know it was you.

By hiding your face, you’ll also prevent people from cyberbullying or blackmailing you. Sadly, these things can happen if you’re selling nudes or homemade porn.

Third, always turn off all location tracking on the phone or camera that you’re using to take photos. If you don’t, they can easily reveal where you’re shooting your content.

To do so on Android devices, follow this guide. If you’re using Apple products, though, check this article.

Fourth, if you wish to make sure that you’re completely in the clear, use a good VPN like PureVPN when browsing the Internet or uploading your content.

Fifth, never accept physical gift cards from your clients. This is a common method that scammers and stalkers use to find your address.

Instead, just politely ask them to send a digital gift card.

Sixth, be careful about what you reveal about yourself. As you get regular customers, they may start developing feelings for you and asking personal questions.

You can deal with those in two ways: politely decline to answer, or (better yet) adopt a persona when interacting with them.

Lastly, never accept overpayments for your work. However nice it may feel, this is another strategy that scammers use.

Namely, they’ll make fraudulent purchases using stolen cards, then ask you to refund the difference to one of their other accounts.

Don’t fall for it.


At the end of the day, the feet pic biz is the adult industry’s Swiss army knife. It can be your quick moneymaker, long-term side gig, or lifelong career.

Whether this is your first foray into foot fetishism, or you’ve been on the fence for a while, you’re now all set to start selling feet pics and making money online. However far you want to take it, it’ll be an unforgettable and worthwhile journey.