Are you wondering how to get more views on Pornhub? Well, given that it’s the main way to earn more on the site — and its main rival — you’re not the only one.

Porn is one of the most profitable industries in the world, but it’s also packed tighter than Sophie Anderson’s tits after her latest boob job. And the more people are trying to make money on Pornhub, the harder it becomes to get noticed there.

This guide will give you pointers for standing out. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Tip #1: Create Quality Content

The saying that content is king is true for every website, Pornhub included. After all, it’s why tons of horny guys and gals — 22 million registered ones, in fact — are there in the first place.

So, while you could shovel as much smut onto the platform as possible, that won’t take you farther than a lower number of carefully crafted videos. Pornhub users already have quantity; they want quality, whatever that might mean to each of them.

That’s why you’ll want to check the videos in your niche, take note of what they include, how they’re shot, how the performers act, and so on. If you need help creating top-tier amateur content, we’ve got a handy guide on the topic.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in going pro, check out this guide on becoming a porn star.

Tip #2: Post Consistently

Porn is meant to be consumed regularly — that’s why so many people download it from Pornhub.

Without a steady supply, even dedicated fans will eventually move on to another creator. By consistently posting new pics and videos, you’ll stay fresh in everyone’s mind and ensure that you get more views on Pornhub.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should compromise quality. Simply create a schedule and stick with it — one new video or image set per week should be more than enough.

Tip #3: Make Hot Thumbnails

When one searches for porn, their reptile brain is in full control. If they see a thumbnail that their trouser snake finds enticing, they’ll click on it despite all other factors — such as a dull title.

To make this evolutionary quirk work in your favor, always review each video before uploading it. Chances are that you’ll find at least one still that perfectly captures the vibe.

Once you do, screencap and manually set it as a thumbnail when you upload the video — Pornhub’s official guide will help. This is even more important if you’re creating fetish content, where the presence or absence of a single detail could make or break a video or photo set.

Tip #4: Use Relevant Terms in Your Titles

A title that briefly explains what a video is about will make that video much easier to find. Think about it; when’s the last time you’ve seen a video called something like 9347hb75.mp4 go viral?

There’s no need to become the next Shakespeare of porn, though. Most internet users aren’t native English speakers, so you’ll want to avoid long and complex words.

Some good example titles would be:

  • Horny guy fucked his stepmom
  • Redhead teacher gives student with big cock a lesson
  • Horny lover fucks hot teen butt from behind
  • Fuck me hard until you cum into me (creampie)

There are no hard and fast rules for writing good titles, as each niche has its own fap triggers. This guide would be a good starting point, but we also suggest checking similar creators and taking note of how their best performing content is named.

Tip #5: Properly Tag Your Videos

A properly tagged video will be much easier to find on the site than an untagged one.

While Pornhub doesn’t have a readily-available list of tags for you to choose from, you do have an official guide. If you don’t find the guide all that helpful, though, you can repurpose the tags from XVideos.

Work your way down, note the ones that apply to your content, and use the relevant ones with the videos you publish. Just make sure not to tag a video for something that isn’t really there!

Tip #6: Tune Up Your Profile

Plastic dolls are everywhere. By creating a complete profile, you’ll show Pornhub users that you’re more than that, whether or not you’re sportin’ some silicone under the hood.

This isn’t hard to do; populate your profile with sexy pics, write a quick bio, add links to your official social media, OnlyFans (if you have it), etc., and make sure to fill out each section. This will make you seem natural and relatable — a digital aphrodisiac if there ever was one.

Tip #7: Reply to Comments and DMs

Going by the same logic, you’ll want to reply to most comments made on each of your videos. Most is the operative word here — feel free to ignore works of literary art such as yh bitch im fuk yoo rn giv number.

This will help you come off as an actual person and make you friends on the site. And friends will not only help promote you, but they can also give you input about improving your content.

Tip #8: Collaborate With Other Creators

Speaking of friends, you shouldn’t look at other Pornhub performers as rivals. There’s enough dough on the site for everyone, and there’s no reason not to help each other out.

Collabs will let you do that, exposing you to other creators’ fan bases and vice versa.

Tip #9: Promote Yourself on Social Media

Despite the fact that porn is technically not allowed on mainstream social media, adult performers from across the world are making great use of those platforms. At the very least, you’ll want a presence on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and RedGIFs.

It’s all about walking that fine line between sexy and bannable. To learn more about that subtle art, check the marketing section in this comprehensive guide.


As an adult entertainer, learning how to get more views on Pornhub — and applying that knowledge — will be one of the best things you can do.

Not only will it net you more short-term money, but the increased fame will make it easy for you to move on to an even more profitable platform (OnlyFans, for instance), and make an absolute killing there.