Thanks to readily available, high-speed internet, one rarely hears the question, how to download Pornhub videos?

These days, it’s all about quickly streaming those tiddies. As anyone with a fair bit of experience in the sack will tell you, though, fast doesn’t always mean good.

For instance, all the streaming platforms in the world won’t help you rub one out where there’s no wi-fi. Even worse, your favorite porn video could get deleted, which wouldn’t be the first time.

Having your personal stash of smut will help you in those times of drought. And if you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a porn company (or, more specifically, start your own porn site), you’re going to need an initial collection of videos for its launch.

Whatever your reason might be, you’ll find no shortage of options below.

Download Pornhub Videos to PC or Mobile?

There’s no right way to enjoy porn. The computer vs. cell phone debate is similar to the one on dick size — it’s all good as long as it brings you over the edge.

However, the two do differ when it comes to your downloading options. What works on one may not necessarily work on the other, and vice versa.

That is why we will separately cover your alternatives for both platforms.

How To Download Pornhub Videos on Your Computer

Download Directly From Pornhub

If you sign up and subscribe to Pornhub Premium, the site will actually let you download most of their videos. Once you register and your payment comes through, you’ll have access to a humongous library of smut.

From then on, all you’ll need to do is log in, find the video you want, and click the Download button in its lower right. This is also a great option because you won’t have to look at ads or deal with the potential safety risks that follow them.

However, not everyone has deep enough pockets for a monthly porn subscription. Similarly, most people won’t be comfortable with the idea of sharing their information with a porn site — especially when they’re not getting paid for it or using it for business.

While Pornhub may not exactly appreciate such a stance, we understand. For those of you who treasure your privacy like your family jewels, we’ve got a plethora of, ahem, shadier possibilities.

Download From Torrent Sites

To use these, you’ll need a torrent client and website. Think of them as your penetrator and penetrated — you employ the former to plunder the latter.

Start by installing one of the following:

Once you’ve got it up and running, visit any of these websites:

From then on, just search for what interests you and download away!

Download From Rip Sites

Rip sites typically contain content from entire porn websites, stashed away and made available via bukkake-tons of Keep2Share or Mega links.

When they work, they’re spectacular, as they’ll let you easily claim thousands of videos. However, older links may be dead, forcing you to try out alternatives.

To help you minimize such outcomes, we recommend only going with the following two: SiteRips and NaughtyBlog.

Use Video Downloading Sites

These can be unreliable, but they’re a good alternative when you don’t want to (or can’t) sign up for a Pornhub account. Just find the video that you want to download on their website, copy the URL, paste it into one of the sites below, and download away.

Disclaimer: At the time this guide went online, all the links above functioned properly. Your results may vary.

Use Desktop Apps to Download From Pornhub

Desktop downloading apps work similarly to the aforementioned websites. After installing one, just run it, paste in the desired video’s URL, start the process, and unzip.

Surprisingly, Pornhub has limited support in that regard. The only desktop app that we can really recommend is the Freemake Video Downloader.

Download Porn Using Browser Extensions

In theory, these are handy because all you need to do is install one, navigate to the video you want, and click the extension button. In practice, though, most download extensions are either outdated or aimed at getting you to pay for full functionality.

Luckily, CocoCut works perfectly, supports Pornhub, and is 100% free. You won’t regret trying it out.

How To Download Pornhub Videos on Your Cell Phone

Download Directly From Pornhub

Taking your smut straight from the source works just as well on mobile as it did on PC. Unfortunately, the option comes under the same conditions — you will need to sign up and swipe your card to use it.

If you’re not down with it, though, just keep reading.

Use Video Downloading Sites

Certain video downloading sites also function on your phone, although they may be a bit more awkward to use with android or iPhone controls.

Still, the process is identical. Open the video you wish to download, copy its URL, then navigate to one of the sites below, paste it in, and hit the confirmation button.

Download From Pornhub by Using Apps

If downloading sites make you feel dirty — but not in a sexy way — you’ll appreciate having your own video ripping tool.

The process is simpler than missionary; install any of these on your device, start it, paste in your desired video’s URL, and you’re rolling.

Conclusion — Download Away, but Use Protection

While we fully stand behind your right to your personal porn hoard, not everyone does.

That’s why you’ll absolutely want to shield yourself with a good VPN if you’re not directly downloading from Pornhub. And if you find that your ambition extends beyond that site, check our jumbo-sized downloading guide covering all major porn sites.