Did you know that you can make big bucks by selling sexy pics? Sure you did, and since you’re here, you’re probably wondering how much to charge for nudes.

Since the pricing will depend on several factors, setting the perfect prices for risqué pics can be a tough nut to crack.

But there’s no need to worry. To set you on the right path, this article will cover:

So, let’s reveal the naked truth!

Factors That Determine How to Price Nudes

Expectedly, the answer to the question How much should I charge for nudes? isn’t clear-cut.

As anyone who offered their bedroom goods on PornHub or gave OnlyFans a go will confirm, there is plenty of variety in pricing.

Some models can charge premium rates from the very beginning, while others need to start small and stick to increasing their numbers bit by bit.

This trend is true no matter the content you’re offering — nudes included. Naturally, the quality and the volume of your work play a key role, but there are more points to consider.

Let’s dive into them — balls deep.

Follower Base and Fame

While the other factors we’ll list do have their importance, it’s the size of your fanbase that makes the biggest difference between starting with just a few bucks and diving headfirst into three-digit territory.

Namely, if you’re not new to the adult industry and have an ample following, you can establish higher prices right off the bat.

Conversely, if your followers are like grandpa’s erection — nonexistent — you’ll want to start with lower numbers (we’ll share the exact numbers below) until you build a decent audience.

After that, you can gradually increase them and eventually start charging premium prices.

Your Age

In the adult industry, youth never goes out of fashion. As a result, younger models — especially those in their early 20s — will always have an edge.

Also, the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to establish a loyal audience and ensure a steady income later on.

Sadly, as a time machine is still in the domain of sci-fi, that’s not something you can influence or get better at.

But the good news is, even if you’ve missed that window, you can still rake it in if you focus on the right audience.

Sure, college gal lovers won’t pay top dollar for your photos if you’re pushing forty, but MILF enthusiasts will match their offer — and perhaps even top it.

Your Ass(ets)

Beauty might be in the eyes of the beholder, but massive knockers are what makes dicks hard. And you know what they say — a hard client is a happy client.

Jokes aside, while people do have preferences — and most lean toward curvy models — the adult industry is so massive that creators with all body types can cash in, big time.

And just like younger models are more in demand, the majority of clients will prefer the mainstream body types — shapely tushies and juicy ta-tas.

However, people with more specific tastes — small boobs or plus size, to name a few — will gladly break the bank when a creator touches them the right way.

In practice, this means that if you’re not a mainstream beauty, you can (and should) niche down and create content for a select audience. They’ll love you for what you do, and you’ll be able to charge high prices for your nudes.

Finally, hitting the gym, a healthy diet, and a bit of make-up will help you look stunning regardless of your body type. Besides, you know your strong points best, so adjust that angle and highlight your best attributes to flaunt what you’ve got.

How Much Do People Sell Nudes For?

Sizing up the market and setting prices can be as tricky as unhooking a bra before your first time.

But luckily, other creators have been where you are now. We’ve scoured the net and taken a good look at their pricing so that you won’t have to.

For example, this discussion on the biggest subreddit dedicated to sharing tips for OnlyFans creators reveals that single nudes sell for $3-$5 and sets of 5 go for $15.

Another person on the same subreddit shared that they charge $5 for clothed, $8 for topless, and $10 for fully nude pics.

For more encouraging info, check out a comment of a young adult at Quora, who claims that men fork over $15 for a bra and undies pic and $25 for a full nude. Bear in mind, though, that this post is from 2020 — not the freshest piece of info.

As you can see, nude prices are like dicks — they come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many moving parts to take into account.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and run the numbers.

How Much to Sell Nudes For

As mentioned above, your fame and fan base play a crucial role in determining your pricing. However, your looks and age should also be taken into account.

The suggestions below are based on the size of your audience as the key factor. You can stick with them, or you can aim higher if you think you can hit your mark.

For instance, if you’re just starting out but are in your early 20s, you can be ambitious and charge as if you were experienced. And if you’re a bombshell on top of that, you can shoot straight for the big leagues and set premium prices.

Now let’s see how to apply all this in practice.


When you’re at the beginning of your naked journey and have no follower base, figuring out how much to charge for nudes can be tricky as you do not have an active audience that will allow you to test your prices. Therefore, we recommend setting lower prices for nudes to build up an initial audience.

And as you gain fame and following, you can gradually bump those numbers up.

So, if you’re still getting your feet wet, consider this price range:

  • Mild nudity $2-$4
  • Full nudity $4-$7
  • Custom orders $7-$10
  • Bulk orders (at least five pics) ≈$15


If you’ve been around for a while and know how to work the camera (along with people’s basic instincts), you can charge higher amounts for your birthday suit photos.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Mild nudity $10-$15
  • Full nudity $15-$20
  • Custom orders $20-$30
  • Bulk orders (at least five pics) $30-$50


Finally, if you’re porn-famous and have an enviable fan base, there’s basically no cap on how much you can get. Besides, as a veteran in this lucrative field, chances are that you already know your clientele and the depth of their pockets (and desires).

These are the tentative prices you might be charging:

  • Mild nudity $50-$70
  • Full nudity $70-$100
  • Custom orders $100+
  • Bulk orders (at least five pics) $150+

Again, these are only approximations, and it’s up to you to test the waters and see how much your fans are willing to fork out.

If you’re confident in your ability to make customers go bonkers over your titillating pics, follow your gut and charge as much as you see fit.

Eventually, through trial and error, you’ll hit that sweet spot that fills your pockets without driving customers away.

Where to Sell Nudes

Knowing how much to charge for nudes is just one part of the equation. You’ll also need to know where to sell them. Luckily, there are several options out there, and the most common are:

Creators have been using these to sell their homemade porn and make bank for years now. There, any kind of NSFW content goes, including sexy photos.

To learn more about how to cash in your pics on these platforms, check out our guide on selling nudes.

Tips to Bump up Prices For Nudes

This might seem counterproductive, but starting with higher prices than what seems right is better than going too low.

Remember, you can always run periodic promos, drop your numbers for a time, and get new potential fans. If you do the opposite, though, you risk alienating people and losing subs as your work grows more expensive.

With that said, here are some additional tips to help you punch outside your weight class.

Invest in Equipment

Enthusiasm is the key to making it big in this business, but without a camera, you won’t have anything to sell.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll need to break the bank and get a cutting-edge device right away. The good old smartphone camera works for sex tapes, and it will work for nudes just as well.

However, as your business grows, you’ll definitely want to invest in high-quality gear. After all, if you charge higher prices for your pics, buyers will expect outstanding picture quality.

The next item on your shopping list should be a light source. Generally, a ring light will be enough to highlight your features without costing an arm and a leg.

Also, think about where you’ll snap those pics. You absolutely don’t have to go to a professional studio, but having a tidy and nicely decorated corner in your home just for this purpose will significantly jazz up your nudes.

Give Out Freebies

In case you’re just starting out, offering a free sneak peek into what you offer is usually a good idea.

After all, since people aren’t familiar with your work, you’ll need a way to grab their attention.

By teasing your potential audience with some mildly explicit pics, you can pique their interest and coax them to pay for the good stuff.

Plus, as most mainstream platforms like OnlyFans have a tipping feature, you can earn extra cash by posting some of your pics for free.

In addition, if you can invest extra time and effort, consider running two OnlyFans profiles — a free one and a paid one.

Think of the former as a place where you showcase yourself (with some tips on the side) and the latter as your main moneymaker.

Get Kinky

Fetishes and kinks are more common than you think — most people have at least one. As such, they are a gold mine of the adult industry and a perfect way to gain a dedicated fan base, allowing you to set higher prices.

Besides, if there’s a fetish you’re already into, you might as well cash it in. That way, you’ll actually earn while doing what you love and your pics will radiate genuine passion, making them sell like hotcakes.

On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable with sharing your actual kink with fans or you don’t think there’s an audience for it, you can just follow the money.

Our guide for selling fetish photos and videos will help you get started in some of the most profitable fetish niches on the market.

Sell Polaroids

Polaroids are another option on your menu. Since these photos are physical objects, they are unique, meaning that you can price them higher compared to selling pics online.

Unlike digital photos, polaroids have a personal touch that will help you build a more intimate connection with your fans.

Also, if you spend extra time to customize them (e.g. by including a signature or a personal message), that’s a surefire recipe for recurring customers willing to pay more.

Finally, as older tech, polaroids have a special place for more mature audiences. Therefore, if you offer them, you’ll gradually grow a fan base with deeper pockets than your usual early 20s dudes.

In other words, your fans will have more money to spend on all your content.

How to Keep Things Legal When Selling Your Nudes

Finally, it’s time to talk about the not-so-sexy side of nudes — the rules.

Namely, you can spare yourself tons of money and hassle in the long run by ensuring that you’re not doing anything illegal. Luckily, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, you’re pretty much safe.

And in order to be sure that you’re not selling to a minor, it’s a good idea to do it on platforms such as OnlyFans, since they go by the book and guarantee that registered users are indeed adults.

Final Thoughts

As long as there are horndogs with Internet access, there’ll be ways to cash in your spicy pics. And now that you know how much to charge for nudes, all that’s left to do is whip out that camera, adjust your (s)exposure, and make it rain!