Did you know that those sexy pics you took for your boo can also earn you some hard cash? Before setting foot on that road, though, you’ll want to know if selling nudes is illegal.

To help you get started, we’ll shed some light on the following:

Let’s slip out of our clothes and cut right to the chase. Yes, selling nudes is legal — as long as you follow certain rules:

  • Anyone posing in the picture has to be of legal age
  • They have to agree to the pics being taken and sold
  • You can only sell to buyers over 18.

Now, the legal age for buying nudes varies from area to area. So, it’s important to check your local laws to avoid inadvertently selling to an underage buyer.

A good way to avoid trouble is to only sell on legit platforms such as OnlyFans, Chaturbate, or ManyVids. They always check the age of their registered users, so you can rest assured that everything is squeaky clean.

Speaking of useful platforms, here are some of the best options for making a quick buck.

Where Can You Legally Sell Nudes?

In recent years, OnlyFans has emerged as everyone’s go-to solution for both selling and enjoying porn. Creating a profile on the platform allows you to offer up all sorts of sexy content, and everything is 100% legal.

Truth be told, OnlyFans — and any other similar site — wouldn’t exist if selling nudes was illegal. With countless newbies flocking to the site to make money, the demand won’t be going down anytime soon — just like your first boyfriend’s dong.

In fact, you can cash in on this insatiable appetite for smut even if you’re shy and don’t want to show off your body. In that case, selling feet pics is just as legal and profitable a choice.

Aside from OnlyFans, Chaturbate and ManyVids, you can also check out:

Your choices don’t end with the websites above. In fact, they’re pretty much limitless; see our nude modeling guide to learn just how far they go.

Back to the issue at hand, you may need to do some research before choosing a platform. Although all of them allow explicit content, certain niche porn or fetish pics might be banned.

So, make sure that you read every last word on those Terms of Service pages.

And if you’re extra ambitious, you can start your own adult website and sell nudes on it. As complicated as that may sound, there are existing adult themes you can use.

In other words, you won’t have to learn to code, hire a designer, or a developer. With website themes like ModelX, you can have your website out there in no time at all.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

If you’re just starting to show some skin in the nude-modeling industry, here are some additional tips you might find useful.

Make Use of Geoblocking

While selling nudes is a job like any other, it’s understandable if you want to keep it under wraps. Under most circumstances, you won’t want your friends and family to see you posing naked.

Luckily, most adult platforms let you block users in certain geographical locations from accessing your content. Using this feature, you can easily avoid any awkward dinner conversations about your latest hot pics.

Don’t Put Up With Rude Buyers

Platforms like OnlyFans and ManyVids keep your nudes behind a tight paywall. So, you choose exactly who gets to buy and access your content.

Namely, you have the right and ability to revoke access to your nudes if you wish.

For example, if a buyer is being inappropriate or harassing you, you can block and report them to the platform. OnlyFans or any other reputable site will ensure the user is banned and can no longer reach you or view your goods.

You can even take legal action if a buyer sells your pics to others without your consent. Again, your platform of choice should be able to help, but you can also pursue the matter yourself.

Remember, like good bedroom action, selling nudes is only fun when it’s safe. So, as long as you stay within your comfort zone, you’ll have a great time.

Conclusion: Is It Legal to Send Nudes?

Aside from certain age and consent-related exceptions, it is fully legal to sell your nudes. So, get your camera ready, strike your sexiest pose yet, and suck your fans — and their wallets — dry.