At some point in their life, pretty much everyone has considered a modeling career — an unlikely dream given that the field is more crowded than a gangbang video. So, why not take the sexier approach, and look into becoming a nude model?

The field isn’t as crowded, so you’ll be much more likely to find job offers. Just as importantly, you’ll be paid better than a regular amateur model, too!

So, if you’re interested in joining the birthday suit club, keep reading. We’ll cover:

What Is Nude Modeling?

They say that less is more, and nude modeling takes that idea and runs a marathon with it. People have been celebrating the naked figure for tens of thousands of years — Venus of Willendorf, anyone?

Indeed, nude art is an ancient tradition that never goes out of style. Therefore, by making a name for yourself in the field, you’ll always have employment options.

Like any other modeling work, nude modeling will require you to:

  • Pose for photos, drawings, or paintings without clothing
  • Hold poses for long periods of time to allow artists to accurately capture your features
  • Alter your facial expressions, poses, and gestures to create the impression the photographer or artist is aiming for
  • Sit still for hair styling and makeup application prior to photo shoots

As you might expect, you’ll need to be in decent physical shape to pull all of that off.

Now, you won’t have to be conventionally fit, with diamond abs and an ass that will pass the quarter test. You’ll just need to be able to hold the required poses for prolonged periods, sometimes up to a few hours at a time.

Aside from the fitness part, you’ll obviously need to be comfortable with your own nudity. If the idea of showing your body to strangers during photoshoots and art sessions worries you, you’ll either want to work on that, or pursue a different career.

How Much Can You Earn as a Nude Model?

Models who are willing to do nude work usually earn more than their more uptight colleagues. Just as importantly, finding gigs is much easier for them.

Numbers-wise, a fully-clothed amateur photoshoot will make you around $15 an hour. In contrast, posing buck-naked will net you between $20 and $50 for the same amount of time.

That being said, some clients may insist on paying you per shoot instead of per hour. The exact numbers will also vary in these cases, based on how well-known you are, and what publication you’re shooting for.

For reference, Playboy beginners make around $500 per shoot.

Types of Nude Modeling

When you become a nude model, you’ll have two main ways to make money:

  • Modeling for photos
  • Posing for paintings and sketches

To help you make that decision, we’ll describe each of those options. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from going all in and doing both.

Photo Modeling

Everyone has seen models in artistic or softcore nude photographs, featured either on websites or in magazines. As a nude photo model, you’ll be working on similar projects for publications like Playboy or Lions.

To succeed in this vocation, you’ll need flexibility and confidence — especially the former. We say that because posing is the hardest part of photo modeling, right next to making yourself appear picture perfect.

Namely, you’ll be required to assume all sorts of striking, potentially uncomfortable positions, maintain them as long as needed, and shift between them in quick succession. That means that you’ll need to exercise from time to time, even if you happen to be a plus-size model.

Just as importantly, people will be more likely to find you attractive, or enjoy your photos, if you radiate confidence. This is especially true for erotic modeling, where sex appeal is key to selling more magazine copies or getting more website hits.

In addition to everything from above, facial expressiveness is another welcome skill for photo models. Depending on the client’s needs, you may be asked to portray certain emotions during the shoot.

In that case, going all poker face won’t impress anyone. So, we suggest practicing in front of a mirror, checking out YouTube tutorials, or even browsing platforms like TikTok, where expressive creators regularly pile up views.

Art Modeling

If you’ve ever done art, you probably know just how much easier creating something becomes with the right reference.

Even if you haven’t, though, you’ve certainly seen Titanic. Well, here you’ll be playing the part of Rose, and have someone draw you like one of their French girls.

In this line of work, you’ll mostly be posing in various galleries or classrooms. Given that anatomy class is a staple of art academies across the world, this is a steady and reliable, if a little boring, line of work.

Compared to photo modeling, you’ll have a far easier time with poses as an art model. Teachers are much easier to work with than photographers, and you’ll have plenty of breaks to rest and refresh during a session.

The only touchy part is getting comfortable with being nude in front of groups of all sizes. This does get quite a bit easier with time, though.

How to Find Work As a Nude Model

If you become a nude model, you’ll almost certainly be your own boss.

That means that you’ll either get gigs by partnering with an agency, or by directly communicating with potential employers. Either way, you’ll need to have a CV ready for when they ask to see the goods.

Make a Nude Modeling CV

Despite what you might expect, your modeling CV won’t have to contain nudes. Instead, it’ll need a clothed full-body shot, and a headshot clearly showing your face.

When it comes to your CV, your nudes are like lingerie — you can include them, but you won’t have to.

Aside from photos, you’ll need to throw in your personal details: name, age, height, and measurements. Mention any past work experience related to modeling, acting, gymnastics, or sports — with references, if possible.

And if you have any notable scars or other physical characteristics (such as prominent moles), mention those, as well. Depending on the employer’s vision, such details could count as pluses or minuses.

While you may be tempted to lie about some of this info, we heavily suggest not doing so. You’d not only end up wasting the client’s time and your own, but ensuring that they never contact you again.

Aside from all that, treat your CV like you would for any other type of work.

Turning your Instagram profile into a portfolio is also a good idea. That way, you can keep the bulk of your pics there, and just add a link to it into your CV.

If you decide to make use of that option, though, you’ll want your Instagram profile to display a range of poses and showcase your expressiveness.

However, don’t go overboard. The idea is to show off your versatility while staying consistent with your personal brand, not going full cartoon — unless that is your brand.

Lastly, include hashtags like #scoutme, #model, #photo, #art, #photoshoot, #picoftheday, #modeling, #portrait, etc. in your Instagram posts. That way, they’ll show up for potential employers who are browsing the platform for models, potentially helping you land gigs.

Collaborate with a Modeling Agency

If you asked us how to become a nude model in the easiest way possible, our answer would be, hire a modeling agency. In fact, these are a great option even if you’ve got some gigs under your belt.

An agency will do more than find you potential clients; they’ll communicate and negotiate with them on your behalf, and even land you better deals. In essence, they’ll be your nude modeling autopilot.

Just as importantly, they’ll provide you with consistent work, and help you build up a reputation.

Nothing’s free, though, and an agency will take its compensation right out of your earnings — typically no more than 20%. So, if you want to make the most money per minute you spend naked, you’ll probably want to fly solo.

That being said, if you choose to work with an agency, going with a local one would be your best bet. That way, you probably won’t have to travel far for your modeling sessions.

Also, going with a local agency means that its reps will always be relatively close by. So, you’ll find it easier to arrange any necessary meetings — both with them and with potential clients.

If that got you interested, you can find an agency on job listing sites like These present entire directories of modeling agencies, neatly sorted by location.

And if what you find there doesn’t exactly make your thighs tingle, you can instead check out Indeed or SimplyHired, or just google modeling agencies near you.

Sign Up With Talent Platforms

Talent platforms such as ModelMayhem, Backstage, and ActorsAccess are a great middle ground between modeling agencies and going full indie.

Admittedly, these don’t specialize in nude modeling. That means that they’re not exactly bursting with employers looking for models within that specific line of work.

However, signing up with one or more of them is still a great way to get discovered. And if you’re open to the option of non-nude modeling, they’ll give you plenty of other ways to fill out your schedule.

To use one of these, all you’ll need to do is sign up, fill out your profile, then either take the passive or active approach.

With the former, you’ll just wait for potential employers to come your way. With the latter, you’ll start applying for casting calls and listings, directly on the website.

We generally suggest the active approach, but hey, you know what gets you hot.

These websites are pretty affordable, too. Unlike modeling agencies, which can take up to 40% of your earnings, talent platforms will typically only charge you a small monthly fee.

For example, Backstage’s monthly membership fee is just $12.50.

Use Job Hunting Websites

General employment websites like Craigslist and SimplyHired are yet another option for finding gigs. They’re easy and free, so there’s no reason not to give them a shot.

As soon as you sign up, a huge selection of job ads will open its legs up before you. Sift through your selected category (nude modeling), see what you like, and note it down.

From then on, all that’s left is to fill out forms or submit CVs for those offers.

Sadly, these websites’ usability will greatly vary depending on your location. Finding that perfect shoot won’t mean much if it’s half the country away.

Also — and contrary to what you may expect — most job postings here will typically be full-time offers. So, if you’re only looking for occasional gigs, they may not be great resources.

Rely on Local Sources

If you’re in a smaller city or town, local offers may be your best shot at becoming a nude model. Namely, community colleges, art studios and schools, and even local Facebook groups will occasionally publish casting calls.

Now, while some of these may not be as glamorous as what you can find online, you’ll still want to apply. Aside from getting paid, you’ll also boost your portfolio and build connections in the art world — what’s not to like?

Apply Through Erotic Magazines

Erotic magazines often invite models to submit their photos and participate in their editions. Each has its own requirements, though, and they vary from mild to wild.

Therefore, you should make sure to get acquainted with their work before you start applying. If you’re interested, MagIllustrated is a great resource that you can use to go over popular erotic magazines and find the ones that fit your look and vibe.

In particular, fetish magazines such as FetErotica will pay a premium for model photos. As a downside, they may also test the limits of what you’re comfortable doing.

However, if you find yourself enjoying that walk on the sexy side, you’ll discover a whole world of new work options. For instance, you could go hard into selling nudes, selling feet pics, and so on.

Use Social Media to Land Gigs

Believe it or not, you can land nude modeling gigs by simply posting on social media. Some of the biggest names in the business have kicked off in this manner, and you could be next in line.

Just apply our advice from the CV section, and turn your social media pages into standalone portfolios. Then, simply add hashtags like #scoutme #professionalmodel #modeling, etc. to your posts there, so that photographers and artists can see you when they’re looking for talent.

Of course, websites like Instagram and TikTok are your best bet in this regard. Pretty much any platform will work, though (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), as long as you abide by its ToS.

Unfortunately, social media is a passive channel, and likely won’t provide you with a steady stream of opportunities. That’s why we suggest combining it with the other methods listed in this article.

Create Your Own Nude Model Website

Once you get a respectable portfolio and make a name for yourself in the nude modeling space, you’ll almost certainly want to launch your own website.

At the very least, doing so will make it easier for future employers to see your work. Just as importantly, they’ll be much more likely to reach out to you instead of the other way around.

As a result, you’ll have more control over the negotiations, and will be able to land better deals.

Now, while launching your own website may seem like a costly option, that is no longer the case. Gone are the days when you had to build the whole thing from scratch, and spend thousands of bucks on that gigantic project.

Instead, you’ll need a website theme (essentially a pre-built website), web hosting, and a domain — and you’re all set.

If you’re interested in such a kick-start solution, there’s no better choice than our very own ModelX theme. For $139, you can get the theme, one month of web hosting, and one year’s worth of domain registration.

And if you still wish to have yours built from ground up, we also offer first-rate development and design services.

What You Should Know Before Accepting a Nude Modeling Gig

Whichever path you take, you’re sure to get a job sooner rather than later because, as we’ve already discussed, nude models are relatively few and far between.

When you do get a call, make sure to discuss everything you consider important. Some good questions to ask include:

  • How large will the audience be?
  • Who will be in the audience?
  • How long will the shoot take?
  • How will I be paid?
  • How much will I be paid?
  • Will the shoot allow for any breaks?
  • What kind of poses will the shoot include?

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list, intended to help you find out if you’ll be comfortable posing for the client. Feel free to add or remove any questions that may be important to you, personally.

How to Prepare Yourself for Nude Modelling Sessions

Once you land a gig, it’s time to start preparing.

Typically, your employer will provide you with everything you’ll need to know about the job. This information will include the session’s date and time, duration, anything you may need to bring, etc.

Of course, you should always bathe or shower before a gig, but don’t put on excessive hairspray or makeup, unless your employer requires it. Most of the time, artists will prefer to work with natural-looking models.

To help your reputation, make sure to arrive at the agreed-upon time. No one will enjoy having to wait on you — especially artists who will typically spend hours on their upcoming work.

In general, you can’t go wrong bringing the following:

  • Bathrobe, for you to wear during breaks
  • Slippers, so that you can get around the location
  • Towel, in case you get sweaty
  • Water
  • Snacks, especially if you expect the session to last longer than an hour

Once you arrive at the appointed place, your work will mostly revolve around following the instructor’s requests. As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll typically be asked to strike a variety of poses, holding each for a certain amount of time before transitioning to the next one.

Be vocal about your needs and preferences during the session. If you need to take a break, ask for one, and the instructor will generally have nothing against it.

When you’re done with the photoshoot, try catching up with the instructor and discussing your performance. Building a relationship with them may help propel your modeling career forward and lead to more work opportunities down the line.

Pros & Cons of Nude Modeling

Pros Cons
  • Potentially a great side hustle with little to no investment
  • High earning potential
  • Helps you stay in shape
  • Teaches you to appreciate your body
  • Builds up your confidence
  • Not a full-time job
  • Not suitable for shy or introverted people
  • Relies on local shows, magazines, or art sessions, which may expose you to friends and family
  • Finding work can be challenging
  • Demands that you take great care of yourself
  • Requires you to be expressive with your face and body

Tips For Nude Modeling

Up until this point, we’ve been covering the basics of becoming a nude model. If you’d like to elevate your work and make it easier, though, here are five additional tips.

Ask for Music — Or Permission to Wear Earbuds

A job may require you to stay as still as a statue, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be one.

In fact, a bit of music will do wonders at driving away your boredom and helping you inject a bit of life into your poses and expressions.

Therefore, feel free to ask the client to play some tunes or — at the very least — grant you permission to wear earbuds.

They’ll probably agree, but if they don’t, it’ll be safe to assume that they have a good reason for it. Perhaps they need you fully responsive to their requests, they prefer being able to talk with you during the session, or something else entirely.

At the end of the day, it’s their money, so they should have final say in the matter.

Treat Modeling Like a Job

If the idea of baring yourself before other people gets you nervous, here’s a seemingly counterintuitive — yet quite effective — tip.

Simply, think of each session as just another job. If there’s no emotion or intimacy, there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable, right? It’s kind of like being a surgeon, except less gross and more fun.

Keep this up for a while, and you’ll find it easier to relax with each new gig.

Don’t Model at Places You Attend

To prevent any awkward conversations with people you know, you may want to avoid gigs at places you regularly visit.

For instance, if you’re attending a specific university, you should pass on modeling for its art class. That way, things won’t have to get weird with your classmates later on.

If you don’t mind the attention, though, feel free to ignore this tip.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Looks

While you might think that only the hottest people can become nude models, that’s not true.

In fact, artists and publications (especially the former) often seek to diversify their catalogs. To that end, they frequently hire people of various body types and with unique features.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can barge into a shoot looking like something the cat dragged in. Always groom yourself and take care of your body — unless the client specifically asks for a messier look.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Work

Nude modeling is by no means obscene, and in a lot of cases, it’s not even sexual. Actually, many consider it a form of high-profile artistic expression.

There really is no need to be ashamed of being a nude model — it’s been a perfectly valid occupation since ancient times. Why not embrace the idea of being a work of art, waiting to be painted on canvas?


True enough, nude modeling may seem like a scary vocation. However, once you start doing it, you’ll realize that it’s one of the easier — and better paying — jobs out there.

And with all the info we’ve provided, you’ll not only find it easy to become a nude model, but thrive in the field!