Since we’re talking about the top dog of online porn, it would make sense that the site is pretty secure. However, Is XVideos safe? is still a perfectly legitimate question.

The short answer would be, pretty much. Keep on reading to find out why it’s not a definitive yes.

The Unsexy Truth About Free Porn Sites

Free smut is a gift that keeps on giving. In fact, it’s powerful enough to give men an extra bone.

Unfortunately, every boner has its killer. In this case, that might be the realization that all that porn isn’t actually free.

Now, ads are not bad by themselves. The problem lies in porn sites’ lack of real control over what they show, as their ad networks simply sell their ad space to the highest bidder.

This means that cybercriminals can buy that space and turn otherwise harmless ads into a minefield. Click the wrong one, and you could wind up infecting your machine.

So, in short, XVideos is safe as long as you don’t touch ads. Those hot MILFs in your area might be sexy, but they’re not worth boiling your CPU over.

What Are the Risks of Surfing XVideos?

If you thought that there was no such thing as a bad threesome, prepare to get surprised. These aren’t equally harmful, but you wouldn’t want to catch any of them.

As long as you don’t touch any ads, you’ll be completely safe. If you do click on them, however, you may be exposed to…


Simply put, malware are viruses that directly damage or impede your system. While viruses you can catch from porn sites typically aren’t very dangerous, they can significantly slow down your device.

Exceptions do exist, though, like the infamous XVideos Virus. You can catch it in many ways, from pop-ups, redirects, and (again) clicking on ads of questionable integrity.

However, unlike the current one, that pandemic is entirely under control. As long as you’re just a little bit careful (as we’ll explain below), you won’t have to worry about any digital STDs.


If you catch adware, you’ll receive a flood of unwanted spam content. And as we’ve mentioned before, ads are generally harmless, but they can get inconvenient or lead to more infections.

These advertisements may appear even when you’re not browsing XVideos. That can be particularly embarrassing if someone borrows your device and a thick, veiny cock suddenly pops up.


Hackers use spyware to gain access to your personal information. That includes your browsing history, email address, bank account details, and even confidential documents.

As you might expect, contracting spyware could lead to a number of problems. At the very least, someone might threaten to reveal what kind of porn you watch to your friends and family unless you pay — so-called sextortion.

How to Stay Safe While Browsing XVideos

Wherever there is sex, there is also protection, and porn site surfing is no exception. To make sure that XVideos is safe for you, follow these simple tips:

  • Incognito mode — it won’t prevent your ISP from knowing what you visit, but it will prevent trash from accumulating in your local folders
  • Never reveal or share personal info — that includes your real name, email, phone number, etc.
  • Don’t click on any ads — this is the easiest and most important thing that you can do
  • Use an adblocker — available for all relevant browsers (Brave automatically blocks ads); some won’t work in incognito mode by default, and you’ll need to fix it in settings
  • Invest in a good VPN — like ExpressVPN — to protect yourself from infections and safeguard your privacy; they’re also great for downloading porn, which you can use down the road to start your own adult website
  • Install antivirus software such as Norton to help clean up and protect your computer from malware
  • Regularly clear your cache and cookies — this won’t guarantee your safety, but it can help prevent hackers stealing the data stored in them
  • Paying for XVideos Premium is also an option if you want to eliminate all ads and get access to paid content; mainstream porn sites are perfectly legitimate businesses, and buying from them is as safe as getting a six-pack at your local grocery store — only in this case you don’t have to leave your chair.


In all honesty, if XVideos wasn’t secure, tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be making a living there. The ad-induced risk does exist, but since avoiding it is as easy as slipping on a rubber, it’s almost negligible.

Even experts agree that the answer to the question, Is XVideos safe? is a pretty confident yes. Just stay on the site, don’t let your wandering eyes turn into wandering clicks, and you’ll have a great time.