OnlyFans is certainly about what you post, but when you post is almost as important, yet often overlooked. To get the most out of your content, you’ll want as many people to see it as possible — which is why you should know about the best time to post on OnlyFans.

This quick guide will help you time your video and image set launches for maximum impact — assuming that they’re well-made. If you’re concerned about quality, though, you may want to check our guide on the best OnlyFans cameras.

Why You Want to Time Your OnlyFans Posts

OnlyFans isn’t a tube site. Unlike creators on such platforms, you can’t just make some homemade porn, get verified, upload it, and forget it ever existed.

There’s nothing wrong if you prefer such a career, though. Tube sites require less work and pay well enough for anyone to make a comfortable living.

In fact, we’ve made guides about getting big on both Pornhub and XVideos, so go ahead and check those if that’s what strikes your fancy. However, OnlyFans can potentially make you even more money.

True to its name, the platform is all about constant interaction between you and your fans. You want them to stay subscribed (or keep buying your nudes and sex tapes) and they want steady updates.

Post too infrequently, and they’ll feel they’re not getting their money’s worth and unsubscribe. On the other hand, flooding their feed with dozens of daily posts also isn’t ideal.

At the very least, it’ll lead to them missing some of your updates. At worst, it could give you burnout or lead to fans seeing your work as forced.

Speaking of your posts getting overlooked, that could also be a thing. If you post when no one’s around, you could release your latest video to an eager audience of crickets.

So, What’s the Best Time to Post on OnlyFans?

Let’s cut to the chase. Most successful creators agree that 2-3 daily posts are the way to go.

They’ll give your most dedicated fans something to look forward (and rub out) to, several times a day. Just as importantly, occasional enjoyers will be able to have their weekly binges without the risk of overlooking large parts of your work.

What about the right time of day to post on OnlyFans, though? Well, the only real answer to that question is that there are no correct answers.

You’ll have fans from all over the world, certainly from different time zones. Given that different people follow different rhythms, there’s no way to accurately predict when the biggest chunk of your fandom will be online.

That being said, you can’t go wrong by posting when it’s evening in the United States. As Pornhub can confirm, the Land of the Free watches more porn than any other country in the world.

You’ll absolutely have fans from elsewhere, but chances are that most of your paying audience will be from the US. Publish some content when they’re ready to unzip, and you’ll put a smile on their faces.

That’s why we suggest using a tool like Time Zone Converter to figure out when it’s 9-10 P.M. in a big city like New York and post at least one update around that time.

And if 9-10 P.M. happens to be 3 A.M. in your time zone, there’s no need to stay up. The site actually lets you schedule posts in advance and catch that rush hour while getting some Zs.

With that base covered, you can use your remaining daily post(s) to probe around each day and note down how they do. The more of a splash an update makes, the more you’ll want to feel around that particular time frame.


Of course, no amount of output will help you if you’re not providing what your audience wants. If, for instance, you’re known for fetish photos and videos and you start diluting your content for quantity, all you’ll do is hurt your business.

However, if you’re properly building up your profile, sticking to the best time to post on OnlyFans will certainly help. And if you’re interested in even more tips for making it big in the biz, you’ll absolutely want to check our comprehensive guide.