Anyone looking to sell their homemade smut will consider one of the industry’s titans sooner or later. Naturally, a lot of questions will pop up — few more important than How much does Pornhub pay and How to get paid?

If this applies to you or you’re just curious about the money side of Pornhub, stick around.

Various Revenue Streams — and Their Earning Potential — on Pornhub

Pornhub offers more ways to make money than your typical orgy has participants. Of course, we will touch upon all of them later.

Now, how much porn stars make on the platform is a little more challenging to answer. That part of the equation will depend on multiple factors — the biggest one being you.

Therefore, the best we can do is throw some numbers your way so that you can get an idea. For starters, according to Glassdoor, the estimated yearly pay for a Pornhub model is around $65,000.

This number is the median based on salaries collected from their users. As for the total pay range, it goes between $49,000 and $92,000/yr.

Despite there being more than one way to earn on Pornhub, the Model Program is likely the best option for solo, up-and-coming models. Joining it will give you a lot of potential income streams, as we’ll point out below.

Just as importantly, it’s a great way to earn clout if you wish to become a professional porn star at some point.

How Much Does Pornhub Pay Per Free-to-view Videos

Where there is content, there are ads. And where there are ads, you get paid based on the number of views and ad rate.

The better the ads perform on your video, the higher the ad rate gets.

In other words, the more people click the ads and the more sales the ads bring, the more you’ll make.

For reference, Pornhub’s average RPM (revenue per mile, or how much you make from 1000 views) in 2021 was $0.66. Now, this number might seem low, but keep in mind that the site gets almost 3 billion visits per month.

You just need a fraction of those people to find their way to you to earn a pretty penny. And once you do, you’ll be happier than an Instagram model after hitting it off with a Fortune 500 CEO.

Free-to-view Videos With A Download Option

By joining the aforementioned Model Program and going with this option, you can double dip into ad revenue and direct sales. To enable it for a video, go to its settings and turn the paid downloads option on.

While this setting is enabled, users will be able to view it for free (with ads), but they’ll also be able to buy it for the price you set. You’ll get to keep 65%, and Pornhub keeps the rest.


Modelhub is Pornhub’s sister site, designed specifically for creators, so it’s no surprise that it has become the world’s fastest-growing adult marketplace.

Namely, here you can make your online shop and sell your sex tapes or merch. You can set prices for everything and keep 65% of what you make.

Pornhub Premium

When you upload, you can tick the Viewable on Premium box to make your videos accessible only to premium members. There are fewer of them compared to free users and you’ll still get paid per view, but the rates are substantially higher:

Pornhub Premium: $45 per 1,000 views

Pornhub: $0.64 per 1,000 views

Custom Videos

When fans want you to bring their fantasy to life in video form, why say no? Naturally, they will need to pay for it, and you’ll be the one setting the price.

You will have total creative control of the process, so it’s a great option. And if they want something that you’re not comfortable with, you can just say no.

Again, you choose the price and get to keep 65% of it. If you want to learn more about custom videos, head over here or watch this tutorial.

Fan Club

The Fan Club provides access to premium content solely for its members’ eyes. Subscribers’ privileges extend to exclusive videos, photos, text posts, and the ability to engage in one-on-one messaging.

It’s pretty much like OnlyFans, so if you have an account there, you can post your content on both. If you don’t, consider starting one, getting verified, and making even more money for the same amount of work.

It’s a great way to weather those humble beginnings that most new models tend to go through.

As for how much to charge for the membership, you can go anywhere between $0.99 and $99. After Pornhub takes their cut, plus processing fees, you’ll be left with 80%.

Contests & Awards

Each month, Pornhub organizes a themed contest for models to participate in by submitting one entry each. The top three get dough ($3,000, $2,000, $1,000), and the top 50 videos get featured on Pornhub’s homepage the following month.

However, this is not the only contest on Pornhub. You’ve also got Models of the Month and Models of the Year competitions.

The contenders are divided into two fields — amateur and professional. Depending on where you land, you can win the following rewards:

  • Amateur Model of the Month: $1,000
  • Professional Model of the Month: $1,000
  • Amateur Newcomer of the Month: $500
  • Professional Newcomer of the Month: $500
  • Amateur Model of the Year: $10,000
  • Professional Model of the Year: $10,000
  • Amateur Newcomer of the Year: $5,000
  • Professional Newcomer of the Year: $5,000

Newcomers are those who have joined the model payment program in the past six months. If you’re uncertain whether you’re an amateur or professional, check your model payment program.

Pornhub picks the winners based on their monthly or yearly performance. Specifically, your earnings, video uploads and rating, and profile page performance will be the deciding factors.

Understandably, if you want to participate in the yearly competition, you must first win the corresponding monthly contest.

In addition to these contests, Pornhub rewards the best videos:

Top 10 Videos of the Month Top 10 Videos of the Year
1st: $500
2nd: $400
3rd: $300
4th: $200
5th: $150
6th – 10th: $50
1st: $5,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $3,000
4th: $2,000
5th: $1,500
6th & 7th: $500
8th – 10th: $250

The rules here are pretty simple — it’s all about the number of views. So, channel your inner 2pac, get all eyez on you, and take the prize home.


If you touch your fans the right way, they might tip you through your Pornhub or Modelhub profile. In that case, you’ll get to keep 80% of the amount (5% is Pornhub’s cut, and 15% is processing fees).

These tips can not only pile up, but they’re also convenient to gather and spend. Unlike a stripper, you won’t have to deal with a pile of singles at the end of each day.


Each verified model gets a unique referral code and URL after they receive their first payment. So, if you know someone who is interested in becoming a Pornhub creator, share these with them.

Once they sign up with it and upload two unique and verified videos, you’ll get $50. There is no limit to how many people you can invite, and the amount will remain the same.

Pornhub’s Partners

Pornhub’s algorithm automatically picks and exports certain videos to YouPorn, Redtube, and Tube8. They will accumulate earnings across all platforms and combine them with the rest of your monthly income.

If you don’t want your stuff on other sites, you can opt out of this feature in your Model Settings. There’s no reason to do that, though, as you’ll only miss out on some extra cash.

Just keep in mind that these websites count their views differently than Pornhub. That means that you might see some inconsistencies in your earnings tab — it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


Regardless if it’s flesh or fiction, a good cock or a pair of tits will get you paid. The earning rates back this statement since they’re the same for animated videos as for live-action ones.

Those with a knack for naughty animation won’t find a better place to monetize their skills. If you’re not the Walt Disney of smut but still want to try the option, though, consider reading this tutorial.


Not all games are for kids. Horny grown-ups are into them as well, and many will hop on the nearest device when they don’t have a playmate IRL.

If you have a PC and love to play, this is an excellent opportunity to earn without straining your privates. All you need to do is pick a dirty game and capture your gameplay with recording software.

As you can imagine, you can’t share this footage on YouTube or Twitch, but Pornhub will welcome it. And they’ll pay you for these videos like they would for any other content.

Additional Revenue Options on Pornhub

If you’ve got some hacking skills, you can make quite a bit of money without taking off your pants. We’re talking, of course, about the Bug Bounty Program.

This program pays you to find system vulnerabilities and exploits on sites within Pornhub’s network. Your reward will depend on each bug’s severity, and it can be anywhere from $50 to $5,000.

The second option is going exclusive with Pornhub. By opting in in your Model Settings, you’ll get 5% higher ad revenue.

Additionally, you will enjoy other, non-monetary benefits. These include your content appearing in the site’s Exclusive category and a fully-automated copyright protection system.

The system scans free sites (not Pornhub network sites) and issues DMCA takedown notices if they feature your work.

You can still sell your content on your site, OnlyFans, and elsewhere — it just can’t be free. And if you decide that you don’t like the program, you can always opt out.

Thirdly, porn companies or studio owners can sign up for the Content Partner Program. Unlike the aforementioned Model Program, this one’s specifically designed for studios with paysites.

Namely, by becoming a partner, you’ll receive a customized channel that showcases your videos and provides free ad space.

Through video features on Pornhub’s homepage, your content gets promoted to other users. This drives traffic back to your paysite and helps convert those users into paying members.

As part of this partnership, Pornhub receives a share of the revenue generated through your affiliate program. It’s important to note that this program does not offer compensation based on views.

How to Get Paid on Pornhub

Once you make over $100 on Pornhub, you can start the payout process. We will elaborate on all withdrawal options, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Direct Deposit

If you live in one of the following countries, Pornhub can transfer the funds electronically to your bank:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

All the money you make is calculated in USD, then changed into your local currency. If you’re in Canada or using Euro, the conversion rates are taken from Xe when they process your payment.

Before withdrawing, make sure that the address you use for the deposit matches the country you set for your account. Otherwise, you may run into trouble.


SEPA, or the Single Euro Payments Area, is available only to models operating from one of these European countries. That means that they don’t cover the USA or Canada, but if you’re from the Vatican, you’re in luck.

The similarities with the direct deposit option don’t stop at the list. Your earnings tab will still use USD, and Pornhub will convert the amount using Xe before paying you.

To ensure that everything goes without a hitch, you’ll need to do the following:

  • match the address of the beneficiary with the address listed in your Model Settings
  • add the correct code of your bank; you can find it here

This is such a straightforward process, the SE in SEPA might as well stand for super easy.

Paper Check

You can use this payment method worldwide, except in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, and the Crimea region. That being said, the payment has to be in USD.

Pornhub will physically mail your check, so the time it takes for you to receive it will depend on your location. Just know that you can’t track this payment method, meaning that you won’t be able to monitor its progress.

If you’re worried about someone seeing who is paying you, don’t be. They send the check in a discreet manner, without mentioning Pornhub or adult entertainment.


Paxum is a popular solution for many adult content creators — as we mentioned in our guide on the topic. If you haven’t signed up with them already, you can create a personal or business account.

The latter is for companies that will be issuing mass payouts, so unless that is you, go with the former. To open a personal account, you’ll have to provide the following info:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • phone number
  • nationality
  • email address
  • photo ID
  • proof of address

Once you’re all set on the Paxum side, link your account in Pornhub’s settings. There, you’ll need to provide the account’s email address and the beneficiary’s (typically your) full name and date of birth.

Note: If you’re not the beneficiary, you’ll need to add the beneficiary as an additional performer. Check Pornhub’s Help Center for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.


With Cosmo Payment, you can withdraw cash from your local ATM and make purchases with debit and credit cards. You can also use it to directly transfer funds to your bank account.

Cosmo is available around the globe, and they are constantly working to add more countries to their list.

How to Set Up Cosmo Payment

If you don’t have a Cosmo account, you can sign up for one here. Once you’ve successfully registered and verified it, it’s time to set up things over on Pornhub.

To do so, go to your Model Settings and select Cosmo as your preferred payment method. Then, simply enter the 9-digit SAN number that Cosmo provides to link your account, and you’ll be good to go.


Cryptocurrency is notably different from the other options that Pornhub offers. For one, it only exists digitally and uses cryptography — not banks — to secure transactions.

That can be a plus, as it secures your anonymity when using it. It can also be a minus based on how you feel about crypto’s notoriously high fluctuations.

In practice, you can make much more or less than what Pornhub owes you. The site uses a live exchange rate where they determine how much they pay right at the point of execution.

This moment of execution depends only on internal processes; not market value or other factors. Pornhub won’t try to scam you, but how the rates will change until you receive your payment is anyone’s guess.

To roll your dice with this option, you’ll need a valid USDT or Verge wallet ID. If you need help getting your wallet ready, check these instructions for TRON and Verge, respectively.

Setting up the Payment Method and Selecting the Beneficiary

As you might imagine, making sure that all your payment details are properly set up is super important.

To get that process started, you’ll need to choose your account type: Individual or Business. If you select Individual and you’re both the account holder and payment beneficiary (the person who will be receiving the payments), you’re good to go!

However, if another person or a business will be receiving the money, Pornhub will need more information about them.

If you recently joined the Model Program or are awaiting application processing, you can only choose yourself as the payment beneficiary for the time being.

Once your application gets approved, you will be able to upload identification documents for any additional performers or the payment beneficiary. This is similar to how the system works for Paxum.

When you’re done, they will appear on the list of beneficiary names and can receive payments accordingly. And since we’re on the topic of getting paid, let’s take a look at the conditions for it.

Individual Account Requirements

The process here is pretty straightforward. Namely, you’ll just need to fill out a simple form.

Start by providing the first and last name of the person who will be receiving the payments. If the name on your account doesn’t match the name of the payment beneficiary, get in touch with Pornhub.

If the payment beneficiary is the same as the account holder (again, presumably you), Pornhub will automatically use the address that they have on file for them.

However, if the beneficiary is an additional performer, you’ll need to provide their address and phone number. Make sure to fill out all the required fields.

Business Account Requirements

If you go with this option, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Business or company name
  • Business registration number (BRN) or company number
  • Owner’s (or business representative’s) name
  • The business’ registered address (plus phone number)

Make sure to fill out all the required fields accurately. Double-check everything when you are done to ensure that there are no hiccups in the process.

How Often Will You Get Paid From Pornhub

Payments from Pornhub are like the menstrual cycle — they happen once a month, and you don’t want either to be late.

Jokes aside, the payout threshold is $100. If you make less during a period, your earnings will carry over to the next one.

Pornhub processes payouts during the first week of each month. The time it takes for your money to arrive will vary based on the payment method you select.

Sometimes, Pornhub might need some additional information from you in order to smoothly process your payment. In that case, they will reach out to you via email.

If that happens, make sure to respond in a timely manner. The sooner you provide the necessary info, the sooner they’ll be able to resolve the issue.

Processing Times

This part is pretty straightforward. Checks are the outlier and are delivered between the 3rd and 4th week of the month.

Everything else is deposited during the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

If you want to change your payment method, you can do so in your Model Settings. Just make sure to complete the switch before the end of the month, or your payment may not land where you need it.

When Will You Receive Your Payment?

The delay timer starts once your earnings are labeled as pending. How long you’ll need to wait after that will depend on your chosen payment method:

  • Checks: 2 – 4 weeks
  • Direct deposit, SEPA, Paxum, Cosmo, Crypto: 7 – 10 business days

For example, let’s say that you’ve chosen Paxum and that your earnings get marked as pending on Friday, February 5th.

In that case, you can expect your payment to arrive sometime between the 14th and the 19th. That’s because these dates fall within the 7 – 10 business day period.

Note: Time frames for checks and direct deposits could be different based on the beneficiary’s location and their bank.


How much does Pornhub pay and how to get paid on Pornhub are questions bugging anyone with an interest in making money on the platform. Now, take out your camera and start producing content — Pornhub isn’t going to milk itself!