As one of the most popular adult platforms in the world, Chaturbate is the place to be for aspiring cam girls. To show you just how much you can earn, we’ll reveal the biggest Chaturbate tips ever recorded.

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Explaining Chaturbate Tips

Like all camming platforms, Chaturbate lets models put on sexy shows for horny guys and gals all around the world.

As they’re watching performers get down and dirty, users can tip them if they like what they see. These tips usually make up a hefty chunk of the models’ earnings.

Now, the tips come in the form of tokens, which are Chaturbate’s unique currency.

One token is worth $0.10, although the platform itself takes half of the sum. In the end, the model is left with $0.05 per token.

Hence, a 50 token tip translates to $2.50. Likewise, 100 tokens are $5, 1,000 are $50, and so on — you get the drift.

Most performers get tips by promising rewards in return. For example, they remove a piece of clothing each time they receive a certain amount.

Some take things to a whole new level by using interactive sex toys. The audience directly controls the toys by tipping, so they have the chance to be involved and help get the model off.

For most cam girls, tips are usually within the range of 100 and 1,000 tokens. However, some have been lucky enough to receive a lot more.

We’ll cover them below, so keep reading!

Who Has Received the Biggest Chaturbate Tips Ever?

Although most Chaturbate models earn smaller tips — think $20 to $70 — a handful have gone well beyond these numbers.

The first (recorded) hefty sum went to LovelyAnne about a decade ago. Namely, she initially received 130,000 tokens, after which another fan tipped her a further 169,169 (no pun intended, surely).

The former sum translates to $6,500, and the latter comes up to $8,458. Not bad for a twenty-minute show, huh?

However, this model did not stay on top of the highest earners’ list for long.

Soon after, she was replaced by ChronicLove, who got a whopping 252,521 tokens. In real world money, that equals $12,626.

This model kept her record for about 8 years until December 17, 2022. That’s when alicia_uwu earned the biggest Chaturbate tip in the platform’s history.

Namely, in celebration of her birthday, a loving fan going by riv_ali_ns gifted her 1.044.444 tokens. That converts to $114,888.84 — a ludicrous amount by all counts.

As astonishing as these numbers sound, though, they don’t happen that often. In reality, even the models on Chaturbate’s top 100 earners list have to work for weeks and even months to reach them.

However, the fact that Chaturbate does not put a limit on potential tips is a great incentive to join it.

For instance, OnlyFans put a cap on tips after Bella Thorne famously made $1 million in a single day. Now, you can get up to $100 at a time.

To illustrate our point, here’s a list that includes the top 10 biggest Chaturbate tips ever. You won’t see anything like these after starting an OnlyFans:

# tip amount tipped model
1 $52,222 Alicia_uwu
2 $20,565 Missy Mell
3 $16,900 FitLariss
4 $12,626 ChronicLove
5 $11,111 Hayleex
6 $10,000 imoan_uen_suk
7 $8,460 LovelyAnne
8 $6,500 LovelyAnne
9 $3,333 Sexygirlforyouuu
10 $3,333 Hannahjames710

How Can You Get More Tips on Chaturbate?

Now, while not everyone will be on FitLariss’ level, there are certain tricks you can use to earn big on Chaturbate — especially through tips.

For starters, you can use the interactive sex toys we mentioned above. Not many viewers will pass on a chance to make a hot model feel good, so this is a sure-fire way to make great money.

Although there are several great manufacturers on the market, most models use Lovense toys. They’re versatile and cheap, which makes them the perfect choice.

Next, you should begin each stream with some tipping incentives. In other words, set goals that you want to reach, and inform your models about them.

If they know exactly what awaits them after a certain amount is reached, they’ll be more likely to tip.

Finally, here’s another handy piece of advice: engagement is the key to success.

Therefore, try to make your streams fun and keep your fans on their toes. You can organize giveaways, fulfill dares, or promise a special treat to fans with the deepest pockets.

That way, you can encourage them to be more generous — and collect a big payout every time.


If seeing the biggest Chaturbate tips ever has made you want to start your own journey on the platform, our job here is done. You never know — you may just become the next model to top this list!