Given that we’re talking about the second-biggest porn site in the world, the question of whether Pornhub is safe should be easy to answer with a yes. That wouldn’t be completely true, however.

The most accurate reply would actually be, it is, but you’ll need to be somewhat careful.

Read on to learn why.

The Unsexy Problem With All Free Porn Sites

The idea of free porn is enough to send anyone’s Johnson toward the ceiling. However, the fact that someone’s gotta foot the bill is often enough to slap it right back down.

In this case, that someone is Pornhub, and their charge-free, 24/7 penetration parade is funded by ads. This is where the problem arises, leading to a staggering 53% chance of a user running into malware (not necessarily getting infected) on the site.

Like XVideos, Xhamster, or any other similar platform, Pornhub has no real control over the ads they show. Their ad space is simply sold to the highest bidder via their ad partner.

That means that a well-off scammer or hacker can shell out some dough and litter Pornhub with infected ads. And if you click one, you could be exposed to danger.

However, as long as you stay on Pornhub, you’re perfectly safe. According to Symantec, you have a greater chance of catching a computer virus on religious sites than on porn sites.

Your Main Threats While Browsing Pornhub

Online threats come in different flavors. The ones that would make you wonder is Pornhub safe typically fall under:

  • Malware (sorted into trojans, worms, and viruses)
  • Adware
  • Spyware

Malware will directly try to bring down or damage your system, adware will sneak annoying ads outside of your browser, and spyware will steal your data. They aren’t equally bad, but it should be safe to say that you don’t want any of them.

How to Stay Safe While Browsing Pornhub

Here are just some ways to slip a rubber on that screen while you’re browsing the site, and trivialize the question, Is Pornhub safe?

For starters, simply don’t click on any ads. This will pretty much ensure that you don’t wind up with any trash on your system. And let’s face it, you’re likely not browsing Pornhub for those.

Because you can still click on ads by accident, you can install an Adblocker. These exist for pretty much every browser under the sun, and some (like Brave) automatically block ads. Their downside is that some don’t work in incognito mode by default, but you can typically fix that in your settings.

If you’re willing to spend a few bucks, a good VPN will not only shield you from infections, but it’ll also protect your privacy. PureVPN is just one of your many great choices in this regard. These are also great for staying safe if you’re looking to download porn for your personal stash or future porn site.

Similarly, you can get an antivirus such as Norton. Admittedly, these are more specialized pieces of software compared to VPNs, but they’ll do a better job at cleaning your machine if you actually catch a bug.

Clear your cache and cookies from time to time. This is by no means a foolproof solution, but it will cockblock certain problems.

Lastly, you can (gasp) pay for Pornhub Premium. No ads, no AIDS — at least not the digital kind — just HD and 4k porn, whenever you want it.


While Pornhub may not be the safest place online, it’s not exactly dangerous, either. If it was, it wouldn’t be the second biggest (formerly the biggest) porn site in the world, with countless models making a living on it.

Yep, staying protected while enjoying truckloads of porn is pretty damn easy. Just be a little bit careful, and Pornhub will be pretty damn safe for you.