While most people have sent a raunchy text or two in moments of solitary horniness, some have turned this (s)exciting hobby into a profitable gig. If you want to join the latter group, you’ll need to know how much to charge for sexting.

Before we begin, though, you should know that sexting rates are a bit like dicksI. They can start off small, but if you handle them right, you’ll get a pocket rocket ready to take you to heaven and back.

With that in mind, read on to learn how to come up with a sustainable sexting pricing policy.

Sexting: From Hobby to Cash Flow

Even if you’re not exactly a sexting veteran, chances are you’ve done it at least once.

It’s a popular means of spicing up a long-distance relationship. However, you can also do it with strangers on the Internet as a fun way to rub one out when porn just doesn’t do it for you.

But since sex and money often go hand in hand — or dick in hand — people have found a way to cash in this hobby. For some, it’s an easy side hustle, for others a golden ticket to wealth.

And in case you’re wondering if there actually are people who would pay for sexting when they can do it for free, you bet your bottom dollar there are.

Some of them are too busy to be able to keep a relationship, while others are socially awkward or afraid of intimacy. You’ll also encounter kink-seekers wishing to live out the fantasies they can’t in real life.

Still not convinced? Just look at the Queen of Sexting, Amber Sweetheart, who raked in $2 million from her cheeky texts.

Of course, you won’t become a millionaire overnight, but that’s a rule rather than an exception across the adult industry. The upside is, like with selling sex tapes or camming, you can build an extremely profitable business over time.

And if you wish, you can even stay anonymous while doing it. Granted, you won’t make as much money, but the option is there.

Sexting Prices on the Market

There are two main ways to price your sexting services: per minute and per message. We will dive into both in more detail later.

For now, though, here’s some info straight from a major subreddit for NSFW creator tips. Let’s start with pricing per minute.

One redditor puts their rates at $2/min (texting), $3/min (texting and pics), and $4/min (texting with pics and videos). Another charges $5/min for simple texting and $7/min if it includes a few pics every 10 minutes.

When it comes to charging per message, a successful redditor takes $3 per message and $3-$5 per pic, according to the same thread.

In practice, though, you’ll be more likely to start at around $1.5 per text, $2 for each pic, and $3 per video, like this user points out.

While the prices vary significantly, most agree on one thing — you shouldn’t waste your time on those who complain about your rates. Instead, focus on customers willing to splurge on this luxury service.

How Much to Charge for Sexting

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy for pricing your sexting services. Like with selling nudes or feet pictures, you should set the highest rates that your clients will shell out.

However, while your gig’s still finding its legs, it’s hard to judge the depth of your fans’ wallets and the intensity of their trouser itch. That’s why having a rough frame of reference will help you find just where and how hard to push.

But before we get into the actual pricing, you should know that the platform you opt for will greatly affect your approach.

As we pointed out earlier, some sites will let you charge per minute, while others will have the options to set rates for each text, pic, clip, and audio or video chat.

Then again, there are platforms that have fixed rates for texts but let you decide how to price other services.

We will cover both per-minute and per-text pricing, starting with the former.

How Much to Charge per Minute

Depending on many factors, including the size of your follower base, your personality, and the extras you’re offering (such as pics and videos), your rate per minute can range from $1 to two-digit numbers.

That being said, these prices are a good guideline when you’re setting your rates as a beginner:

  • Plain sexting: $2/min
  • Sexting plus pics: $3/min
  • Sexting plus video: $4/min
  • With voice chat: $5/min
  • With video chat: $6/min

While we’re displaying per-minute pricing for your convenience, we don’t actually suggest selling each minute separately. Sell your services in bundles, instead.

Let’s say that you’re charging $20 for 10 minutes of chatting. When someone buys 20 minutes ($40 under the aforementioned pricing) you can sell it for $30.

Perks like these will make your clients feel appreciated and motivate them to come back. Naturally, the larger the bundle, the more generous the discount.

Charging per minute admittedly won’t bring in as much per message compared to the other approach. But on the upside, you’ll have a steady income since clients will typically purchase your services in larger quantities.

How Much to Charge per Message

If you go for a platform that revolves around charging per message (or rather, service), the following are an excellent starting point:

  • Text: $1.5
  • Voice message: $2
  • Pic: $2.5
  • Video Clip: $3

Like we mentioned earlier, this pricing method will definitely give you bigger payouts for your effort. But the catch is, you’ve got to deliver top-notch services to make your customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

That’s why this approach will work better for sexting workers with at least some experience.

When to Consider Increasing Your Rates

Regardless of the pricing method, you’ll generally want to keep your rates accessible early on.

In time, not only will you gain more customers, but you’ll also become skilled at providing a quality service that’ll make them itch for your messages. At that point, you’ll be able to bump up your prices.

Don’t worry if that causes some to stop buying. You’re simply weeding out the cheapskates and attracting those willing to pay top dollar for a top-notch wank.

And if you ever overshoot, don’t sweat it; you can always dial it back down and lower the rates.

So, start small and focus on perfecting your service. Over time, you’ll have the freedom to charge pretty much whatever floats your boat.

Where to Promote and Cash in Your Sexts?

It might be hot as hell, but at the end of the day, sexting is a business. As such, it requires constant promotion to gain traction and thrive.

Believe it or not, turning to social media is your best bet in this regard. Most of them don’t allow smut, but you can still use them to grab the attention of potential clients.

Of course, different social networks have different rules, and you’ll have to tailor your approach to them.

For example, as Instagram doesn’t allow nudity or explicit hashtags, you can post suggestive pics in your lingerie and use tags like #sexy and #chat.

On the other hand, Twitter lets you post NSFW content. That means that can share even explicit nudity on it and use more straightforward tags such as #sexting and #sexchat.

You can get even more direct on Reddit. Subreddits for sexting workers (such as sexting_seller or SexSells) are perfect places to offer your services and post sexy pics to entice Reddit horndogs.

Whichever social media you use to attract customers, the next step is to funnel them to your profile on your sexting platform of choice. And you do that by pasting the link to your sexting profile into your social media bio.

If you go with Instagram, you’ll want to hide the URL using a service such as LinkTree to avoid a possible ban. As for the other two, you can just add the link directly to the bio.

Our Top Three Sexting Platforms

Speaking of sexting platforms, you’ve got a handful of choices, and we’ll mention the best ones. For a more complete list, check our guide on how to get paid for sexting.

Before we move on to the platforms, though, we’ll have to point out one very important rule of thumb.

Namely, models who display pics on their sexting platform(s) of choice — face pics in particular — tend to make more than anonymous models. You can still go faceless, but you’ll get less business.

Admittedly, people aren’t too crazy about the idea of chatting with a random online avatar — they want to sext with an actual person. Having pictures on your profile will go far in making that illusion more believable.


OnlyFans is a great place to earn as an adult performer. Verified creators have been using this platform to profit from their homemade smut and fetish content for a while, and you can definitely use it to offer sexting services.

Of course, as a beginner on OnlyFans, you won’t be making a fortune right away, especially since the platform takes a 20% cut of your earnings.

Even if it feels like pushing rope at first, consider it planting the seed for future success. As your business grows, so will your profits.

And let’s mention Amber Sweetheart again, who rakes in up to $1,000 per 40-minute sexting session on OnlyFans.

She got where she is today thanks to daily practice, according to her. With time, she developed her sexting skills and learned how to stand out.

You can do it, too — sign up and start small with a casual sexting gig. Just keep in mind that since the platform wasn’t built around sexting, you’ll only be able to charge per minute.

That being said, it worked just fine for Amber, and there’s no reason for it not to work for you.


Another great option, Sextpanther, is a sexting-dedicated platform that gives you access to a clientele who know exactly what they want.

This is a much easier platform for finding an audience than OnlyFans which doesn’t bend over backwards to promote its creators.

What’s special about Sextpanther is the fact that you don’t get paid for any texts that you send. Instead, you get money every time you receive a message.

Basically, you can set your rate for each incoming text — anywhere between $1 and $5. You also call the shots on pricing other services, but these will be charged per minute.

To be more specific, you can price your audio and video chats from $1 to $10/minute.

As for the commission, you’ll pocket 60% from spicy chats, 75% from calls, and 80% from tips. They pay twice a month with a $50 minimum withdrawal.

And if you’re wondering if you can really make bank on this platform, you should know that the top models are getting well over $20,000/month there. So, give it a go and make it rain!


Arousr is slightly less flexible in terms of payment. Namely, after the first 10 messages you exchange with a client (which are free), you receive a fixed rate of $0.25 per text.

You’ll also make $0.70 a minute for voice calls and get to keep 40% of any tips you might get from customers. As for video calls, you set your rates and get 60%.

Speaking of video calls, Arousr offers a program called Roulette — a twist on the famous Chatroulette concept.

In short, customers can get a few 30-second video chats with creators per day. If they want to extend that time, they need to pay.

With Arousr Roulette, you can make up to $2.40/min if users decide to extend their chatting time with you.

On top of that, the platform offers a weekly bonus of up to $150 for the most engaging hosts.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to earn on Arousr, so play around with them and find what works best for you.

Tips to Make It and Rake It in as a Sexting Worker

Here are a few quick tips to beef up your sexting game.

Pick up Speed

Imagine that you’re sexting, all worked up and approaching climax, when suddenly, your sextmate disappears. When they’re back, your lady boner is long gone.

Bet you wouldn’t like that. Guess what — neither would your customers.

So, if you want happy buyers who’ll return for more, always instantly respond to their sexts.

And that doesn’t mean that you should type whatever comes to mind. Your responses should make sense and be specially tailored to each patron.

For that reason, it’s better to cater to just one person at a time, at least until you become well-versed and able to split your attention without compromising the quality of service.

Also, consider improving your typing speed unless you can already put your average teenager to shame.

Being able to type faster will allow you to reply promptly, with less pressure. As a result, you’ll find it much easier to think of those sexy responses, and they’ll be far more natural.

Offer Extras

Think of text messages as the basic service and pics and videos as add-ons. Offering the latter will help you earn more than just by texting.

Depending on your platform of choice, you can include these in your per-minute pricing or have a set tariff for each pic and video. You could even start your own website to sell these digital goods.

Nevertheless, only do this if you feel comfortable. And if sharing your pics or clips gives you the heebie-jeebies, don’t worry; you can still keep earning from just sexting.

After all, anything that makes you feel bad isn’t worth the money.

Consider the Drip Method

In the world of sexting, the drip method is a way to maximize your income and cherry-pick the high-paying clients.

Before we get into the details, keep in mind that this tip only applies to sites where you can set your own rates for sharing media with clients.

To understand how this tactic works, you should know that platforms such as OnlyFans allow unlockable posts and messages. In short, this means that clients who want to see a locked photo or video can unlock them by paying.

Here’s how to use this feature to your advantage.

First, start a sexting session with a client, and get them nice and warmed up. Once they seem ready, send a locked pic for, let’s say, $5.

If they don’t unlock it, you’ll know they aren’t the high-paying kind. From there, you can still keep texting them while shifting your primary focus to more open-handed clients.

But if they pay to unlock the pic, you can throw in another unlockable pic or clip from time to time, slightly increasing the price as you go along.

Use this approach to feel out how far their generosity goes. If they keep asking for more, by all means, indulge them.

However, make sure not to overdo it. No one likes to be taken advantage of, so if you get this vibe from your client, it’s time to drop it for the time being.

Make Them Feel Special

If you want to make it big as a sexting worker, you need to understand people. Each person has unique needs, and if you recognize and satisfy them, you’ll score recurring customers.

To have a shot at getting there, never send ready-made texts. Instead, write each response with a particular customer in mind.

Also, don’t just jump into sexting right off the bat. Show a genuine interest and care by asking about them.

That being said, if a client prefers to just sext, skip the niceties and get right down to it. It’s their money, after all.

Once you feel them up a bit and get a sense of what tickles their pickles, you’ll be able to tailor your approach to them.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a shy guy, you might go for a mommy approach, while an assertive businessman might appreciate a harsh domme.

In any case, by getting to know each client, you’ll learn exactly how to scratch their itch.

Final Thoughts

Just like being paid for watching porn, cashing in your sexts is a dream job. You earn by texting, on your terms — anytime, anywhere.

So, now that you know how much to charge for sexting, fire up that keyboard, get your freak on, and turn those texts into stacks!