The titular website does a great job of putting you and porn together, and people love them for it. However, some of their (potential) users take online security very seriously and have questions, such as — Is YouPorn safe?

If you’re one of them, keep reading.

A Brief Introduction to The Site

Launched back in 2006, YouPorn is one of the largest and most popular free porn sites on the internet, attracting millions of visitors each day.

The website allows users to access a vast collection of adult videos in various categories, including amateur, professional, and niche content.

It is owned by MindGeek; a multinational pornography conglomerate that also owns the likes of Brazzers, Pornhub, RedTube, etc.

All in all, It’s a pretty big family — one that’s hard to avoid if you’re trying to join the porn industry and make a living from it.

Back on topic, YouPorn takes safety very seriously, both online and offline. Some might even say that they take it over the top.

For instance, one time they offered $100.000 to the health minister of British Columbia to build glory holes across the province — as per the B.C. health officials’ tips for safe sex during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, they’re not perfect, as we’ll explain below.

The Bane of Free Porn Sites

Jackin’ the beanstalk without having to pay to look at an exquisite pair of tits is one of the things that make the world great. But is free porn really that — free?

The short answer would be no — it’s all a gift from the advertisement gods. Whenever you load up a porn site, ads magically redirect the bill from you to a third party.

That’s great! — most people would say. Coincidentally, that’s also the root of the issue.

The problem lies in the fact that these porn sites don’t have total control over who gets their ad space. If their ad network sells it to cybercriminals, things can get iffy.

Naturally, not all ads are infected, but those that are will give you problems after one click.

What Are the Risks of Surfing YouPorn?

Being a free porn site, YouPorn suffers from the same security downsides as other industry titans. Of course, we’re talking about the software Cerberus: malware, adware, and spyware.


Malware is like a devious little gremlin that sneaks into your computer, eager to wreak havoc. In other words, it’s directly harmful software that will mess with your files, damage your device, and spread chaos like a wild party animal.


Adware is like a mixture of an overenthusiastic salesman who crashes your computer party armed with an endless supply of ads, and a hyperactive cheerleader who won’t stop waving banners and shouting in your face.

In more technical terms, it is a type of malicious software that displays unwanted advertisements on a user’s device without their consent or knowledge. As if annoying people will magically make them want to buy their stuff.


Spyware is like that one neighbor we all have and hate. Yeah, the one that’s snooping around all the time — peeking through your windows, listening in on your conversations, and trying to uncover your secrets in any way they can.

The problem here is that spyware is much more effective. It secretly gathers information from a user’s device and transmits it to a third party without their knowledge or consent.

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you how problematic this could be.

How to Stay Safe While Browsing YouPorn

Nobody likes unexpected guests, especially when they’re also unwanted. To help you keep your digital door firmly shut, we’ve prepared a checklist that you should follow:

  • Never reveal or share personal info — don’t disclose your name, email, phone number, location, etc.
  • Regularly clear your cache and cookies — this helps maintain your browser’s performance, protects your privacy, and can even resolve certain website issues
  • Always use incognito mode — your ISP will still know what you’re up to, but they won’t have access to the info that your browser usually stores
  • Don’t click on ads — the easiest and most important tip on the list
  • Use an adblocker — so you limit the risk of misclicks
  • Get a good antivirus program — such as Norton — to help against malware
  • Investing in a good VPN like Express VPN will take your security to a whole new level; not only does it help with privacy and avoiding infections, but it’s all great for downloading porn — which you can use later to start your own website
  • Getting YouPorn Premium is also an option; it gets you the best video quality, exclusive content, VR, and, most importantly, no distracting and potentially dangerous ads.


Being a member of the MindGeek family, YouPorn has all the security pros and cons of Pornhub, Brazzers, etc. As long as you stay mindful of ads, the answer to the question, Is YouPorn safe? will be yes.