If you love all things blue — with the exception of blue balls — then this site is probably one of your favorite places. And as a fan, you likely asked yourself, Is XNXX safe? at least once by now.

But before we answer that question, let’s briefly introduce the site to any new kids on the block.

Meet XNXX — XVideos’ Hot Sister

With over 2 billion views a month and more than 10 million videos, both homemade and professional, XNXX is undoubtedly one of the best wank stashes of all time. Given that it’s XVideos’ sister site, you could say that greatness runs in the family.

They even share some cool features, like the pornographic time machine. With it, you can see the top videos for every month since April 2007 and refresh your memory of pussy long forgotten.

It also has a pictures section, sex stories, pornstars pages, and even an Android app — everything you need to rub one out, at home or on the go.

The Unfortunate Side Effects of Free Porn Sites

Although these websites are a great remedy for the aforementioned blue balls, they may cause other, more serious discomforts. The problem lies in how they pay their bills: ads.

In short, some ads could be malicious, and if you click on them, you risk exposing yourself to viruses. These are anything but sexy, and they could impact your machine or result in loss of personal data.

Sadly, there’s nothing that XNXX can do about the issue. They don’t control who buys their adspace — their network sells it for them — and if a cybercriminal makes the purchase, you end up with a dangerous browser area.

On the flip side, risky ads are ridiculously easy to avoid — just don’t click on them, and they’ll remain harmless.

What Are the Risks of Surfing XNXX?

Getting entangled with some intoxicating triplets is a dream for most men, but the following trio, you’ll definitely want to avoid.


Malware, short for malicious software, refers to any software or code designed with the intent to harm, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks.

The ones you can get from adult websites can noticeably reduce the performance of your device but are rarely very dangerous. There are exceptions, of course, such as the so-called XNXX Virus.

Regardless of the threat level they pose, it’s best to treat all of them like a crazy ex and avoid them entirely. The precautionary measures that we’ll explain later will help with that.


Adware stands for “advertising-supported software.” It is designed to infiltrate a user’s device with the purpose of displaying intrusive and often unwanted advertisements.

Basically, once it’s on your machine, it floods you with ads while you’re browsing the net or using certain apps.

Apart from slowing down system performance, it could put you into awkward situations. If someone borrows your device and is unexpectedly confronted with a gaping orifice, they probably won’t be amused.

Apart from slowing down system performance, it could put you into awkward situations. If someone borrows your device and is unexpectedly confronted with a gaping orifice, they probably won’t be amused.


Cybercriminals deploy spyware — like the XNXX cookie — to obtain unauthorized access to your sensitive data. This includes your browsing patterns, email accounts, banking credentials, and confidential files.

Needless to say, data leaks and breaches can be a real problem — remember the Ashley Madison fiasco?

Falling prey to spyware can result in numerous complications. Among other things, it could lead to identity theft, financial losses, or even your device becoming a launching pad for further cyberattacks.

At the very least, the perpetrator might threaten to expose your kinks to people you know if you refuse to pay. This form of blackmail is often referred to as sextortion.

How to Stay Safe While Browsing XNXX?

Safe internet browsing, it’s the way to go,
Like protecting your cock from an unknown hoe.
Protect your data, keep your privacy intact,
Navigate wisely, don’t fall for the cyber attack — Dr. Seuss (probably)


If you want to ensure a safe experience on XNXX and make the doc proud, follow these simple tips:

  • Use incognito mode. Although it doesn’t stop your ISP from knowing which websites you visit, it does prevent trash from building up in your local folders
  • Ensure that you never reveal or share personal information such as your real name, email address, phone number, and so on
  • Avoid clicking on any advertisements. This is the simplest but most important measure you can take to protect yourself
  • Install an adblocker, which is available for all major browsers (Brave automatically blocks ads); keep in mind that some adblockers may not work in incognito mode by default, so you may need to adjust the settings accordingly
  • Invest in a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN to safeguard your privacy and protect yourself from infections; VPNs are also useful for downloading content and can be helpful if you decide to start your own adult website in the future
  • Install antivirus software such as Norton to clean up your computer and protect it from malware.
  • Regularly clear your cache and cookies. While this doesn’t guarantee complete safety, it can help prevent hackers from stealing data stored in these files


Although we’ve mentioned some pretty scary stuff, there’s no reason to doubt XNXX’s security efforts. The site was safe a decade ago, and today it has perfect scores on both scam detector and scam advisor.

All things considered, it’s pretty evident that the answer to the question, Is XNXX safe? is yes, you can browse the site safely. Just make sure not to click on any ads, and you’ll have a blast.